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Self awareness

K has used so many terms like attention, observation, seeing, awareness etc but conveying about the same meaning, at least to my understanding. And arguably this is the core of his teaching.

So it appears understanding of what he means by this awareness, observation etc. is very essential if one needs get anywhere near to understand the teachings.

I think the term SELF AWARENESS would perfectly capture the essence of what he says. Which means being aware of oneself. And as we identify with our body the most it amounts to being aware of our body and the thoughts within from top to bottom.

So self awareness is being aware of ourselves from top to bottom choicelessly or passively.

Now the main challenge is to be in this state as we live our lives. And that is when things get really interesting.

What happens if you drop any desire to understand anyone’s teachings, and simply observe and stay with what is?

I don’t get the impression that Drax desires to understand K’s teaching…it’s just something that some folks can’t ignore and find interesting.


Same thing. Desire to understand, ignorance, interest in thoughts and ideas. And the world keeps going around.

And the point was to observe what happens if… :wink:

Howdy jm, Good to see you back here again - looks like you’ve given yourself a load of catching up to do :grin:

Aren’t we still in the same place? Stuck with our projections - our brains effort to interpret?

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You can’t “stay with what is” or “drop” anything if you haven’t realized you are your past perusing the present.

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This is a K forum so brought in the K reference. What I mean is if the term PASSIVE SELF AWARENESS is truly understood , it all begins to fall in place.

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There may be desire, may not be. But whatever be the case once brought into the ambit of self awareness interesting things happen.

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Like the arrival of commas…

You either understand or you don’t understand . If you (you in general)try to understand you can’t understand because there is no bridge between ignorance and understanding.

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Is that a hypothetical question, or have you done it?

The question is not if it can or cannot, but what happens when you actually do so.

Is it really so? When you observe what is without any reference or authority, is that understanding that takes place?

I don’t know what dropping “any desire” and selflessly observing “actually” is. But if you do, you’re free, why waste time in this forum where no one is free? Do you think you can help us?