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The words “free”, “friend” and “love” are related etymologically. In other words, they all mean the same thing.
Relationships are impossible without friendship and love.
Dialogue is impossible without friendship and love - affection/fondness is not love.
Without an awakened intelligence, enquiry continues endlessly.
When thought ends, there is intelligence.
It all begins with passive awareness, for it is this passive awareness that awakens intelligence. (Passive awareness is also known as choiceless awareness.) So, the beginning is all about being aware of ‘what is’ happening outward, then being aware of ‘what is’ happening inside.)
Without an awakened intelligence, meditation as K talked about is impossible.
With an awakened intelligence, then meditation can really begin; for it is this intelligence that can create one’s own mirror, and then one won’t need K, or anyone else for that matter.
Without love in one’s heart, insight as K talked about is impossible.
And it is insight that is the key to real change - seeing the false as the false and the true as the true, and of course, the truth of the false.
Without goodness within, it is impossible to get K, to be free from one’s conditioning.
And all of this must be done alone.
I love every human being. Of course, there are, unfortunately, those who have renounced their human beingness and chosen the way of “self”. Those who have been exposed to K and choose the way of “self” are not human beings as I understand them to be, and I shun (do a kind of walk-around) such people. The increasing darkness that is spreading across the world is from people who have chosen the way of “self” (witness the big fat lie guy and all his followers). All of them are causing incredible conflict, pain and suffering.
Alone, I can do nothing. It is perhaps the greatest tragedy to witness people participating in the choice of “self” - especially for those who have been exposed to K - those lonely dependent ones, caught in the endless cycle of thought and thinking - especially, the SELFISH (self-centred slackers) who don’t get out in the world and do some volunteering with others and discover what it is to care for others.
K spoke of criteria:

Charley had kindness dripping from eyes prior to discovering K (frequently referred to as being “sympa”) as well as being all of the above - in spades, so to speak :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless one doesn’t meet the above criteria/requirements… one wonders: why one is here?