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Krishnamurtis Notebook/The Process

I always thought Krishnamurti did not know what “The Process” was and when asked about it by Mary Luytens, Mary Zimbalist, David Bohm and others, he could not penetrate beyond the Mystery of who and what he was and what was happening to him. And here on the back of the full text edition of “Krishnamurtis Notebook” is him talking about the Process with a reporter. And he seems to know what is going on. Any thoughts, comments, ideas about what is going on here and if anybody else has experienced something like this.

“I wrote it (Krishnamurti’s Notebook) as a diary while I was traveling…but I did not write it for publication. I describe what I call the process- my sensation of being outside the ordinary world, of being completely at peace and removed from conflict. This happens only from time to time and clearly it is impossible to describe to anybody who has not experienced it.”

“But I have attempted to put into words the actual pain and sensation which goes with the heightened consciousness. It is not intended in a romantic way; if you lead a certain type of disciplined, quiet life, you release a kind of energy - that’s a scientific fact - and this affects the non-mechanical part of your brain so that you enter into a new dimension. The physical organism is incapable of meeting it and so you get the pain. I am not suggesting that everyone should try to attain this, but it may be of interest to some people who have followed my thoughts and ideas to know what happens on a more personal level.”

  • J.Krishnamurti (Interview with The Guardian) .
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Instead of

one’s mind/heart has referred to it as new phase…

slight headaches, something one never had before… in one’s life…

I described some of it to someone through an email, and he freaked out completely…

I just use the word “intense”… :laughing:

Thanks Charley for responding. I knew a guy online years ago who said he was going through the same process similar as K, the same symptoms, after reading K or Ks notebook. I just assumed it was false, illusory, copycat.

But you and maybe others are saying something similar to what K experienced is possible for us too. I will try to stay open minded and consider it a possibility.

I also remember reading K saying that Columbus discovered America and we all dont have to now. Similar to his experiencing this, “This Process” we dont have to go through all of that now, and instead we can just live the Teachings. Something like that.

There is much in the writings of K which provide an understanding of many human experiences. They maybe not new, and may have previously been interpreted from a scientific, medical, sociological perspective, etc., and not understood for their revelations about the nature of our distorted lives. I always think of the energy experience as a sense of integration into the world of energy, but here K is saying you release an energy. But maybe it is a case of poor transcription? It can also be that release is the integration?

K is the first to speak of this pain - and he also said he didn’t know what this process was at the end of his life - if people are only now saying that the same thing happened to them, all we can be sure of is that they are saying “me too!”

I’m not 100% sure, because I read it long ago, but I think to remember that just in Mary Luytens biography of K some people in the Theosophical society or in the circle of his friends, interpreted that process as the awakening of Kundalini, something which is well known in the yoga literature but that almost no people attained in modern times. Also in my opinion, for what it’s worth, the hole thing looks like the phenomenon associated with kundalini. I remember once in Saanen someone asked K about kundalini, and he replied extensively about it. And lastly now I remembered having read a dialogue where K discusses this topic but I can’t remember where and with who.

Or golf…

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Peter, yes, maybe it is a poor transcription, but not sure. It was interesting to me that K talked about it in those terms about energy and that the brain cannot handle it. I am staying open about this, but do not know what K meant by this.

macdougdoug, yes K is one of the few to speak this way, about this pain and even Leadbetter supposedly did not understand it. I personally do not want to go through this so called process and pain and will leave it for others to experience if they want to. Some also imagine the Benediction, or Otherness around them, besides just the pain. The brain can deceive itself and create illusions. K said he was very sceptical of everything and watched this closedly and concluded it was not imagination, or illusion, at least in his case.

Voyager, thanks for the K video, it is timely. And yes, the theory that it was or is a part of the awakening of Kundalini seems like one of the best guesses on the matter. Thanks for giving your opinion on this matter, it is helpful.


No, “the process” has nothing to do with the kundalini… and insofar as kundalini is concerned, I share K’s pov on the subject:

K did talk about it, but only to say why he did not want to talk about it.

“Meditation is to release that creative energy, not through some kind of awakening of kundalini, and all that kind of stuff, those who talk about kundalini don’t know what it is. You don’t talk about those things.”
K, The Flame of Attention, Ch. 2, 4th Public Talk at New Delhi, 8th Nov. 1981

“So long as self-centred activity exists, you cannot touch it. That is why I object to any discussion on kundalini or whatever that energy is, because we have not done the spade work. We don’t lead a life of correctness and we want to add something new to it and so carry on our mischief.”
K, Exploration into Insight

It is mainly others who have brought this up - as usual, especially those who get all excited by the word “kundalini” - which, by itself, indicates that they are really only into self-centred activity. :laughing:

You should listen K video more attentively and with less preconception.


Well, why?? kundalini is actually quite painful, coccyx was sore for weeks afterwards, and then there is the “snake”…

Not to worry voyager, it will never happen to you… :slight_smile:

If only any one of you would begin doing the “spade work”… lol

Charley, a question off topic, I hope you dont mind. I read you have the K text collection and i see you are quoting from it, i think.

A friend who gave up K a little while ago gave me a cd of this Krishnamurti Text Collection, from 1991 it says on it. I tried to follow directions, and nothing is happening, working, I think it was for older computers, back in the 90’s to install it, the instructions that is.

I tried putting the cd in where it goes on computer and nothing comes up and I have no clue how to install this. I have a Hewlett Packard Computer and Windows 10 or whatever it is up to now. Any hints how to install this or it is not compatible on these computers?

Ooh! Say it again!..


Ah, yes, I have an old little notebook 8" wide (win7 I think), haven’t used in it ages. The 2 quotes above come from my excerpt file. This DVD wouldn’t load on this laptop. It is rather incredible - you could put two or more words and choose options to find where they are cited (and the text) “near” each other, “in the same sentence”, “in the same paragraph”, that kind of thing. From what I understand, there is an updated version, but my present financial situation can’t allow for such a purchase.

So basically this older version probably wont work in newer computers? I am so computer illiterate, i have no clue what I am doing or trying to do even.

I cant even find the updated version, where is it listed? There is a text search at jkrishnamurti.org i was wondering if that is the same as the disk version?


No, it isn’t. The DVD which I have says: The KRISHNAMURTI Text Collection & Index (The Completed Published Works 1933-1986, from the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, 1991. Now when I think of it, I think it was for Win95 system. Haven’t needed to look at it in years. I think this is the same as what they offer in the UK, don’t know if it is updated, may have misspoken there, you would have to ask UK if it is updated for win10.

UK addy for CD-ROM

Funny that in the video above (or maybe another Q&A about kundalini) K is under the impression (or maybe a slip of the tongue?) that ESP has been shown to exist by experiments at MIT or other universities.

Thanks Charley for that info, it is very helpful.

Macdougdoug, hmmm, K as far as I know, had occult powers himself and would have accepted the validity of ESP and other phenomena. He knows it is real!

We do seem to know a lot of unknowable stuff, which seems even more unreasonable than thinking we understand the potentially knowable stuff.

PS - ESP has never been demonstrated to exist anywhere - what unknown magical things K did or what unrevealed beliefs he held are unknown and unrevealed.
PPS - Although I hear he could make a diamond shinier by magic (my uncle can pull pennies out of my ear)