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What is it?
Do we want it?
Can we be free?

I feel that the starting step in freeing the mind is not analyzing another person’s psychology deeply.

May be I could be wrong, I just shared what I felt after reading the question. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the starting step? Say you want your mind to be free, what do you do?


I haven’t enquired about freedom in a clear cut way but I feel that, first the mind should not analyze the person’s psychology deeply.

Are you seeing, what I said?

May be working on the topic of interest just to feed the mind with present. :grinning:

Why not, what harm will come of it?

This is a separate line of research, happening on this topic.

If you want I can share the documents.

For example, rumination will affect the person’s ability to solve real-time problems. That is the reason, I have said that not considering the person’s psychology is the first thing to free the mind.

What Jiddu said about freedom?

Please share your thoughts on this topic.

I am interested, so please share.

Okay, mam.

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He said a great deal about freedom. It was what drove him to teach for 50+ years:

“My purpose is to make men unconditionally free.”

I am sharing three documents. Which are related to ruminating after a social event and its effect on mind wandering.

  1. https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1023/A:1026395526858.pdf

Yeah he said a lot about freedom and burden of knowledge on seeing things. I do not remember what he said.

I think, yes we want it otherwise, we may fall into traps.


What is the importance of FREEDOM?

Can you tell us what these documents mean to you? Have they awakened a new understanding, or just added more content to the accumulation that informs you>


With all due respect, you persist in quoting psychology articles, and I have stated before that psychology is nothing more than another form of a pseudo science, in other ways just another organized religion based on beliefs. It is more than obvious that you are riddled with beliefs (derived from theories), and are not interested in facts at all. The difference between beliefs and facts are that anyone can verify a fact; beliefs are not verifiable. Every single psychologist, shrink, therapist, self-help guru, etc., as well as the new guy on the block - the life coach, approaches their work based on their own personal conditioning. None are interested in freedom - freedom from the known, freedom from knowledge, freedom from conditioning, freedom from beliefs - FREEDOM !! All you are doing on this site is accumulating knowledge. So, I am asking you very kindly to please leave me alone and no longer try and drag me into your posts.
You see, unless one is serious enough to discover all one’s beliefs and drop them, one can never taste freedom.

Mam, I just asked about “Importance of freedom”. My intention was about knowing clearly what Jiddu is pointing at the term “Freedom”.

I am not believing those articles directly. I understood your point of view in the previous discussion, while talking about “Compassion”.

For example after facing an intense situation, person will ruminate the happened events and this rumination will affect the cognitive aspects of mind. If I say as a personal comment in this forum, people might think it is my own perspective. That is the reason, I referred the source of such information.

Mam, sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

They are just collections of words, set in a meaningful way that the mind can understand the topic of interest.

It depends Inquiry.


So, why don’t you read “Freedom from the Known” by Krishnamurti?

Krishnamurti on freedom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v1PY5eQDbw

Can we listen with freedom to this video – with no division into listener and speaker, no bias, no disorder?