Why most Brains don't see the truth?

The brain uses language to organize what it perceives, so every “thing” is named to distinguish it from other things. The brain knows that this naming process is subject to revision every moment as it learns more about distinctions and how subtle or questionable they can be, so it is careful not to take the words it uses too seriously, and to drop them at times so as to be more open and vulnerable to how words and names can be limiting and misleading. The same applies to images.

For the conditioned brain, it is arduous, counter-intuitive, and maybe impossible to put names and words aside so as to look and listen without them. But it is possible for the conditioned brain to be aware of how its dependency on words and images inclines it to mistake the thing for the word, name, or image it reactively applies to it.

Thank you, Inquiry, for the perspective.

I have an image about my world or the world out there . The image is made of bunch of" should be" and “should be not” I
So conflict is being added to the existing problems of the world . Seeing the logic of this makes the mind free of making images. . Truth liberates the mind , that is the beauty of it.

Yes, fact is not what should be. Being caught in what should be, we are unaware of what is.
For example we are unable to listen to another person, but react. We are not aware of what is.

A person like Krishnamurti says ‘there is no division’.
We don’t just listen to this fact, but react. We don’t accept that there is no division. We don’t listen to fact, but create what should be and look or react to it in terms of what should be. We call it theory or non-fact and that’s the end of it. We never say that there is no division.
If that was the case, Ukrainians and Russians will stop the killing. But that will never happen. Here too, it is the same. No one will say there is actually no division. If mind accepts this fact, there is no more fighting psychologically, but action out of silence. There is no more psychological reaction. Chain of reactions of psyche is broken.


Say your mind suddenly realizes Truth (with a capital T). If it comes to you as a whole, all of it, you would I think be truly liberated, intelligent, beyond suffering. But if, as is way more likely I think, Truth arrives in hints and glimpses, you may be more confused and troubled by it than enlightened. The saying “The truth shall set you free” is not a simple formula. ?

2 notions might be getting mixed up here :

There is the notion of complete or hidden knowledge about the universe which will hopefully confer some power to the knower.
And there is the notion that if you could just see this one simple thing clearly about yourself, your whole experience of the universe would be transformed.

Leaving the first part as ‘mystery’, the second part, I would say, is K’s “notion” that if you see this ‘one simple thing’: “ there is no division”, the experience of the world will be transformed.

Thinking without an awareness of its own movement is ‘indulgence’? Thought indulging in itself? When there is an ‘awareness’ of ‘HOW’ it is thinking eg., how ‘rigorous’ are its associations, its aim, etc,‘intelligence’ enters the picture. It is seen that the thinker / thought duality is false. There is no ‘thinker’…only thought and there may be no ‘need’ in that moment for thinking at all and it can be still.

And yes there is no Russian and no Ukrainian, that is all mindless thought that does not see that there is no division.

‘Evil’ is the darkness of not being aware of that fact.

There is also the notion that what confuses is not Truth, even brief flashes of it, what confuses is what the mind attempts to do with Truth.

A man is walking down the street when he sees a small object on the ground. He picks it up and examines it closely. It is a piece of truth.

The man is overjoyed. He has always been searching for the truth, and now he has finally found it. He puts the piece of truth in his pocket and continues on his way.

A little while later, the man sees the devil walking towards him. The devil stops and looks at the man.

“What do you have there?” the devil asks.

“It is a piece of truth,” the man replies.

The devil smiles. “That is a very bad business for you, then,” he says.

“Why is that?” the man asks.

“Because I am going to let you organize it!”

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We are aware of what is, but we are under the influence of psychological thought, our what-should/should-not-be conditioning, which distorts awareness.

A person like Krishnamurti says ‘there is no division’.
We don’t just listen to this fact, but react.

The brain’s conditioning reacts. “We” are just conditioned brains…we can’t help it.

We don’t accept that there is no division.

We do accept the idea that there is no division. We embrace it, believe it, repeat it constantly, but we can’t see that there is no division because we are divided, confused, conflicted by our conditioning.

No one will say there is actually no division. If mind accepts this fact, there is no more fighting psychologically, but action out of silence.

Acceptance is just belief which is superficial and self-deceiving.

When I see how accepting or rejecting is choosing - resisting choiceless awareness by distorting it - I see how I am conditioned to see everything in terms of what-should/should-not-be.

Insight cuts both ways - Kensho experiences in the zen tradition are closely monitored, not least to impress on the person who’s had the insight : “now let that go too” (it might be the guru’s most important function)

Any amazing experience, even one that shows the self delusion clearly as a delusion, is in danger of being clung to and weaponised by the self as it continues to arise (from this body and this world)

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I love that: “weaponized by the self.” Does the self intend to weaponize? Or does it do what it thinks its job is: to protect itself, i.e. that which it takes to be the realest thing of all? Overzealous, perhaps, but utterly sincere and well-meaning. “Just protecting myself, body, mind, and soul.”

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Actually what it’s “protecting” at all costs is its ‘divorce’ from everyone and everything else. K has called it “evil” ,this ‘me and mine’,for as
I see it, the self-image creates through its illusory presence this “darkness of division” that he and DB spoke about and which can only be “dispelled” by insight into the truth that there is in fact “no division”.

Both valid points of view. :slight_smile:

“Valid” to who……,?

The Validator! Who else?

The word is not the truth. The word is false. Thought is false. Truth is the nonverbal understanding of a fact. Truth has nothing to do with organized religions which are based on words. I am not sure how familiar you are with the teachings.
We use the meanings that K gives to the words .

Yes, and that makes sense since it’s a Krishnamurti forum.

Quite familiar with the core teachings, enough that I usually know when I go outside them.

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I am familiar with the teachings very well since 1978 . But doing what the teachings suggests I was not able to do because of the uncertainties of the world and the challenges of migration.

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