Why are there not many wise people in this K group?

We have the regulars who say something daily including me but beyond that daily routine we have nothing . Are there no more wise man in the world anymore like we have had in the history of man?

Has everybody become mediocre? What happened ? What made us mediocre?

What is your point with this, seriously? Declaring yourself as wise and the rest as stupid? Because that’s exactly what the average joe does. You said nothing that offers any real contribution here.

If so, we at least have an excuse for being lost?

People from the good old days must have been more mediocre than us, no? Seeing as they had the opportunity to meet and speak with the wise?

Maybe we are less mediocre now, and thus need not look for saviours? On the other hand, we have youtube!

Maybe I should say great men like Krishnamurti or Gandi or Benjamin Franklin and so on that we had in the history of mankind, real people not fictitious one’s.

I only troll the trolls. You are merely the pot calling the kettle black

It’s his best move…