Universal mind?

What is the ‘universal mind’ people keep talking about?

It’s the mind of the Universe silly, you supposedly have one, why shouldn’t the Universe have one?

As below (earthling), so above (cosmos)?

Maybe but the “earthling” version needs work.
In case you hadn’t noticed. :scream:

How about this : We have difficulty believing and demonstrating that meat creates consciousness/intelligence - therefore maybe matter is channeling mind.

Is the Universal mind hypothesis based on anything else? I hope so because I think the above is a mixed bag of fallacies.

I love the idea of a universal mind! But that doesn’t make it real. Is there solid evidence?

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You mean like photos Rick?

Why are you being so sarcastic? In case it was the goofy wording of the OP, I’ll change it.

Yes that the brains here, neo-cortex the latest, are ‘reflections’ of a ‘superior’ mind…maybe a hierarchy of minds. But thought is of no use to make any sort of connection, it is a hindrance, an obstacle to any possible resonating with. The brain must be emptied.

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Sorry Rick I was having a bit of fun🤩
But to your question, is there any ‘solid’ evidence? What about the universe? I suppose it could be ‘mindless’. I think that the only way that we’re going to find out is the aforementioned ‘emptying’ process.
But that would have a dual function: find out about the ‘immensity’ And also make human life less miserable!

This ressembles a method for arriving at the idea of a God : There are weak and sickly men, there are normally constituted chaps, and there are very strong powerful guys, so there could be a really, really powerful beardy guy in the sky somewhere.

What about the ambiguous statement: use your brain for a change!


What on earth do you mean by “hierarchy of minds” (1st sentence)? Doesn’t that get one back to the idea of an inferior/superior “self”…? As existing in certain philosophies: the “lower self” and “higher self”? Is it not thought that has invented this idea of a “universal mind”? Almost suggesting that their is a lower form of “thought” vs. a higher form of “thought”? Eh?

Yes, excellent. (this 2nd sentence in that para.) Can there be any seeing of what is true, until all thought ends?.

Good! Humor is tough to convey in text. I should know, I’m a master (at not conveying it).

Or all mind.

One way of looking at this is to say what is the space in which thought has no place?

Is it the brain?

No, because - in the case of hominids in particular - the brain has clearly evolved in part to enable thinking, to enable the development of thought (the empirical evidence for which is the extent to which the neo-cortex has grown larger in hominids than in other animal species).

Also, thought is a material process, and it obviously takes place in a physical space, like the brain. That is thought’s correct home.

So is there a mind that is not the brain in which it is correct to say that thought has no place?

K says, yes. It is the mind outside the brain, aka universal mind. Thought has no place in universal mind.

Ok, but we know nothing about this universal mind, right? So what conditions need to be in place for contact between the brain and the mind outside the brain to occur?

K says that the brain must see - have an insight - that thought is limited, and where thought has its right place, and where it has no place. Then - he says - the brain itself will become quiet. And in this quietness the mind may (I emphasise may) contact the brain (according to K).

Does this help?

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So the only real(ish) evidence is hearsay, Krishnamurti’s word, yes? Is this any different from what pretty much every religion says about its deepest mysteries: that somebody has seen something that is normally hidden but is ‘discoverable’ using a certain technique, quiet brain?

The quiet brain is not a technique because (according to those who supposedly know) it can’t be learned, mastered, or invited because it’s what happens when the brain spontaneously empties its psychological content.

Whether this is true, I don’t know, but it makes sense that the brain would purge itself of content that is useless and harmful…if/when it realizes what it is holding.

I have edited your sentence to make it agreeable for me. :wink:

A quiet brain seems to be the foundation for everything truly good.

Has anyone got a K quote about the mind outside the brain?

I reckon that the use of the word mind ( in universal mind) might be misleading - instead of saying that it is possible for the universal mind to contact the brain, I prefer the idea of allowing the universe to manifest freely through the brain.

I suppose on a K site one can refer to K and look at what he has said about people disposed to getting their “fun” by disparaging others. In that context it is most likely make you crawl and hide under a rock, if one is sensitive at all.

Even if we pass over K i think it still says a lot about the kind of disposition and perhaps points to the quality of the mind, heart, and character of such people.

But maybe the principle of morphic resonance attracts birds of the same feather.