Has K pointed out that you need to transform and then stopped you from transforming?

Because of K’s negative comments of a meditation practice, I was not inclined to meditate for years. But, I don’t let that stop me now.

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Can there be a transformation when one reacts to K’s comments whether they are seen as negative or seen as positive or seen as neutral?

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Could you help me understand what you mean by transformation?

The ending of psychological thought in all its various forms. An end to suffering from living in the past and the future that is the inevitable outcome of psychological thought. The only one that can do it is the you that is not the self.

Sounds like transformation is the ending of ego-centric thought, self-centeredness and even the ending of the slightest hint of narcissism. So if one has a reaction (positive, negative, mixed), then transformation hasn’t occurred?

Would one say that, if one has been having various reactions for years, then if one is still having those reactions today, that would indicate that there is no transformation because nothing has ended?

In your view is transformation all-or-nothing, or a gradual process?

:open_mouth: How did he do that? by not providing a method, by not making sense? or are you joking?

Are you asking whether any emotions and thoughts arise in the transformed brain?

I would say that if our relationship to experience, reality, thoughts and emotions has changed (from mechanical obedience, to understanding and acceptance) then that might constitute an ending (of delusion).

A sudden transformation of the whole universe is what we are talking about I think.

This is a wrong question. It is asking for speculation on how transformation comes about. You have to find out for yourself.

Is this your speculation?

It certainly is.

And one of the things I’m basing it on is the idea that freedom is only one step away from delusion.

He knew how almost everyone was going to listen to him. Most would fill their mind with K knowledge which stops one from transforming.

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Could he have done better?

I mean is there anything he could have said that would have bypassed our mechanical habit of belief?

How would you define meditation? what does meditation mean?
Or if you prefer : what do you do, what happens during meditation?

It’s a seated meditation with focus on breath. I become very relaxed and carry that with me throughout the day. Relationships have improved and so has contentment.

A different question is ‘Are there some things he said that he could have not said?’

There were times when he was hostile and that didn’t look good on video.

Thanks Ceklata.
What about the other question : what is meditation? Have you thought about how you would answer that?

Because surely there is nothing magic about sitting down? or paying attention to breath? or is there? is meditation a method of relaxation? and why do you think you have become more contented and have better relationships?