Time and Space together

People have habit seeing Time and Space as TWO Different states, but Time IS Space and Space IS Time… wonder why?

Can you explain Sark why that is so?

  1. Read this:
  1. Speed of light is constant.

3.When you see a drop of water in zero gravity - it will have ALWAYS spherical shape (surface tension of the liquid);

  1. You can think that, for the our Universe ,speed of light is equivalent of pressure or tension of the liquid or process which creates spherical shape, that is why it is constant. As a result - time and space are anchored to the pressure of the universe creating the force of gravity, and their (time and space) interdependence is shown in the constant speed of light…

4 Of course time and space are not constant. (border phenomena, time dilation)

Thank you Sark. So ‘technical’ thought is capable of these calculations and brilliant insights into the physical world. Why can it not see the damage it has done and is doing in the human psyche by creating a phony entity as if that entity was different than thought itself? How much pain and suffering as well as destruction does it have to witness before it puts two and two together?

Scolding it won’t help. It invented scolding.

True, but now it needs to scold itself. It has been very bad. Gravity and space time and wormholes, etc,etc and killing because the skin color is different…or maybe just killing things for fun.

With a correct direction your “technical” thought is able to insights into nature of thinking or mind. Then you will probably see that thinking reflects in some way , the way how universe seems to be working, which conclusion is not suprising, because mind is - after all - part of universe. So technical isnt technical - it is rather universe-all (universal). So what I have done here - I slightly - corrected (redirected), how you can describe ability of thiking or effects of thinking.
Now try this: So ‘universal’ thought is capable of these calculations and brilliant insights…
If you go this way - you can find that problems lies in missdirection of thinking rather than mechanics of thought. Simply speaking: a traveller with wrong map never reaches intended destination. (when wrong map refers to way how you think, unfortunate construct of thoughts and concepts)…

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You don’t think we have a mind full of maps and we are always continuing to use these psychologically, for following a way of life, and as a habit in the mind, inventing, building, progressing, and it is limited in time and space, and this is not actually living?

This is a question?..

Find your own questions and stop playing games.

“Technical” thought is physics or any branch of scientific endeavor that requires rational thinking. Sark may have something of value to say but what he said in English is unintelligible. Krishnamurti was also unintelligible; and in his case, it was not a lack of command in English. His ability at conceptual abstraction (i.e. usage of “technical” thought) was limited.

Time is not space, and space is not time. Space is the relation between objects while time is the relation between movements.

Thought can’t see anything. It’s just a mechanism. When there’s attention to what thought is doing, however, the reflexive response of conditioned thought is seen for what it is.