Going Beyond Time—Beginnings of a New Perspective

Perhaps a conversation starter—and a test…

Hi Peter,

I have read the overview of your forthcoming book “Going Beyond Time”. There are tons of research papers - written by academic philosophers - out there on the subject of time. They are as unhelpful as Krishnamurti’s own attempt at explaining the nature of time.

What is your explanation of time?

Bit of a sweeping statement, to say that K’s explanations haven’t been helpful to some people, and to at least some degree…

Welcome PeterK!

I don’t think we’re supposed to do several things on here, with regards to posting. Whether we all agree or not, that’s the way this forum has been set up. I’m also guilty of several things as well :sweat_smile:

Regardless, I’ll at least give “my” take on time.

From “Krishnamurti to Himself”, page 55, 1st paragraph:

“Time is not merely the rising of the sun and the setting, or yesterday, today and tomorrow. Time is much more complicated, more intricate, subtle. And really to understand the nature and the depth of time one has to meditate upon whether time has a stop – not fictitious time nor the imagination that conjures up so many fantastic, romantic probabilities – but whether time, really, actually, in the field of the psyche, can ever come to and end? That is really the question. One can analyze the nature of time, investigate it, and try to find out whether the continuity of the psyche is a reality or the desperate hope of man to cling to something that will give him some sort of security, comfort. Does time have its roots in heaven? When you look at the heavens, the planets and the unimaginable number of stars, can that universe be understood by the time-bound quality of the mind? Is time necessary to grasp, to understand, the whole movement of the cosmos and of the human being – to see instantly that which is always true?”

it seems that, no matter when we read something, no matter how many times we might have heard it… time has no place “there”, either!