Sorry to say but this site is like taking to a blank wall

Nobody relates to issues that really matters… Only entertaining themselves with verbal reactions to each other’s comments…

Can I suggest something? Sit with your eyes closed. Watch your thoughts choicelessly without reaction, without thought, passively in non-doing, silence.
It will be more helpful than discussion forum. Discussion forum is only good to see limitation of thought. If thought has seen that it is limited through discussion it is good first step.

I hear you.
I also experience the blank wall.

I have being contemplating lately that this blank wall isn’t the mirror K talks about. Which means (to me) that this blank wall is …my creation.

This blank wall frustrates me, hurts me a bit, scares me also, I wanted to leave this platform few week ago.

But I am back.

Yes, but since thought can’t “see” anything but its own mistakes, a good first step is to start looking for them.

Then paint or draw something on it. Pound on it with a sledge hammer. Poke holes in It. It may not be the wall that frustrates, hurts, and scares you, but your paralysis as you face it.

Yea, that’s why I am back here ! To cause damage to my wall.

My thoughts are endless. They reproduce and keep me entrtaind. Maybe that is why they never end…

I regret suggesting that. Better to splatter paint on the wall while dancing.

Don’t regret it :wink:

My blank wall is the resistance I feel in relating to others; seeing the resistance is going to “damage (weaken) the wall”

But yes, there is paint as well, cause I idealize things/people …to make them “pretty”.

We are all familiar with resistance, i do hope.
So, it might be a good question what is it that resist, before “believing” that the “seeing”(whatever that means) will resolve this resistance.
And… let the questioning do its job…

The wall resists …against an enemy.
Who (what, where ) is the enemy ?

Why bother relating to others if you resist doing it? If there’s a conflict between your need to relate to others and your aversion to relating to others, why don’t you examine the nature of the conflict instead of deciding that it’s a wall?

I don’t know if you understand what “talking to a blank wall” means. It means talking to a thing that is dead . Resistance is something else . Resistance to what?
Relationship means accurate response which doesn’t happen in here. Maybe it is the nature of words.

Why don’t you ask Crina?

Relationship means accurate response which doesn’t happen in here.

Which means your response is no better than anyone else’s here.

I understand what it means to talk to a blank wall, or dead wall.
I mentioned resistance cause I observed I blame the blank wall for marking me feel “not heard, not understood”, which then dictates my next move/strategy, like: “I am leaving this platform”. And look at me, I have been coming here daily. To me this resistance is sustained by opposing forces (ideas).
A do, at times, experience a different kind of “blank wall” which I would call an ending, something is clearly ending irreversibly, naturally, without a doubt. Like arriving at a finish line.

You might try the online K dialogues where people meet face to face.

When we meet other people, there is the dangerous possibility that my reactions are due to their stupidity (or more rarely, wonderfulness).

We might think that other people’s stupidity(or wonderfulness) is the cause of my experience.

When we are completely alone, as Adeen suggests above, it might be easier to catch the culprit. When there is only me, sitting alone, facing an actual wall, who is the source of my experience?

Yes, that would be physical death, so it goes without saying. Here we are interested in the death of the illusion of I, me, mine. We know that unless this death becomes more common than it currently is (if at all), Our species will self-destruct and take many other species with us, being the biggest insult planet Earth has known.

On the blank wall there is a “switch called: don’t push MY buttons” which turns on my experience.
This switch apparently is accessible to others, but not to me.
You push MY buttons, and after that how I respond and what I feel are in that old blank wall, which I built over time, and which is my past.
What is this … switch I carry in my wall ? The little… “ME” ?

So you are the wall and the buttons are there for others to push so that you can feel something?

If that’s the case, your buttons are there for others to stimulate you because when you push them they don’t work. You’re inviting others to wake you up because you put yourself to sleep.