Observing. Look at Everything as Though for the First Time

I think so. The impediment to this “contact” is the self-image. It is the superficial psychological ‘structure’ with its attachments that divides us. It is fear. Fear of being ‘nothing’?
At this point Humanity looks like it’s heading into a period of repression.

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Hi Dan … Could you please elaborate your perception on that “repression”… I am really very interested to hear you on this.

Thank you! :pray:

I don’t get it how so many people are attracted to these authoritarian type ‘leaders’. But they seem to be. The trouble it seems to me of putting people like this in positions of power is that when they repress people, technology makes it harder to do anything to escape the repression that is inevitable.

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Yes. Where there is uncertainty - and there is tremendous uncertainty in the world right now for all sorts of reasons - people look for certainty, and they find it in these unreflective authoritarian populists who don’t care about anything except their own power (or the power of their own small group).

The mind and the brain,

The brain can never go to the mind. The brain is full of thoughts (the known). So it is the mind, if one has one - which is love - that may contact the brain.

“Try it and see if you can do it.” Can you do that?

You flatter yourself.

Yes, knowing what “deeply” means, his use of the word in that context wasn’t clear.

If I think that my life is a mess, and/or that society sucks, is this seeing that my house is on fire?
As I imagine that the above is pretty commonplace - its obviously not sufficient.
Also, the brain’s job seems to be all about getting somewhere (better)

PS. not saying that anyone’s wrong - in fact I agree with the initial statement

I think we’re talking about the possible development of Man. “Blossoming”? If that is possible, his / her potential, birthright? and it has been stymied somehow, then the Human ‘house’ is burning. Maybe it doesn’t matter and maybe it does. In our own ways we’re trying to find out. Technology will keep making oppression more effective. The weapons will become more deadly and diabolical. Education of the young can be micromanaged. Only Man coming to his senses could change the course and if it can’t happen in this brain how can it happen in another?

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Thanks for your response and sorry for the delay in responding…

Well, I think it’s an accumulation of things, Dan. To begin with, there is the media that since the pandemic has been constantly bombarding us with news aimed at awakening the primal fears of the human being. And what happens when the human being comes in contact with his primal fears? He panics. And what does he do then? He tries to regain his emotional stability and security. And where can he easily find this stability and security today? In the experts, the technocrats and their puppets, called “politicians” … all of them interpreted by the media, in charge of feeding again and again not only fear, but also hope, which is quickly transformed into psychological dependence by that human being (don’t worry because we have already lived all this, as it is not at all different from what the Church did in the Middle Ages).

So if one of those experts, technocrats or any of their political puppets would tell that human being who is completely cornered in his innermost fears without knowing what to do, that in order to recover his stability and emotional security he should kill his neighbor, he would not hesitate for a second (no, nobody should be alarmed, because if you remember, we all have already lived that situation with the pandemic, with the fratricidal war between vaccinated and non-vaccinated, induced by…?).

Anyway, if anyone here has read Orwell’s novel ‘1984’, you will remember “Room 101”.

Well, for two and a half years now, the media have been taking millions of human beings to “Room 101”, simply because someone has decided that the human being must be ‘healed’.

Of course not as K (and some other good men and women who have walked this earth) said, by ‘healing’ oneself… but by being ‘healed’ by the only ones who really know what that human being needs. Since the human being today – as in the Middle Ages – is incapable of understanding what is happening to him. And the most curious thing is that today, just as then, the human being STILL BELIEVES that he needs others to ‘heal himself’.

So if I may ask… Millions of years and some good men and women to enlighten us in the dark path of life… to be still in the beginning?!


Right still in the beginning…but now we can kill from great distances at the push of a button! Progress of a kind?

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So let’s see if with a little bit of luck, both sides press the button at the same time and we end once and for all with this cancer called ‘human being’ before the Yellowstone super volcano explodes, saving the feeling of guilt to Nature for having finished with the human race. :wink:

Let’s say another kind of progress, yes … The mind, not being able to finish with itself thinking that if it manages to finish with all the rest, all its problems will be over … The sad thing is that most people call this “Intelligence”! :pensive:

Anyway… Good night Dan, read you tomorrow! :pray:

Let’s say that the brain is held prisoner by thought, its intellect, and it does what it can to free itself of all that thought has wrought; all the content that confines and tortures it. What can the brain do?

Is this from the brain’s point of view? Or is it thought’s?
Now if the habit of thought, ie. the repetition of various thoughts - have actually contributed to shaping the brain, it becomes very hard to separate them, and say who is the prisoner of who? But anyway, let’s just say for the sake of the argument that one is the prisoner of the other.

What can it do? The notion that it is a prisoner is a thought - this kinda gives me a psychedelic feeling of staring at the back of my own head.

See that its motivation makes no sense, like running away from its own shadow?

May I know where you get the concept that thought “tortures” the brain (which seems to be equated to the ‘free’ mind in your discourse)?

Thank you!

…and therefore belongs only to thought and not to the brain…which in turn raises the question: is the brain actually a prisoner of anything, or as @Inquiry said, tortured by anything? … or all this are once again mere projections of the thought?

Maybe we need a definition of what thought is? It is surely not some independant phenomenon.

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Very good question! … Could we say that thought is the constant evolution of experiences accumulated in the consciousness, and that it would affect the physical, i.e. the brain?

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A further observation of our conversation has raised the following question: Are consciousness and the, let’s call it “aware mind”, stored in the brain, or do they only affect the physical brain?

NOTE: When I speak of the brain I am referring merely to the physical organ, and not in the sense that @Inquiry uses it.