"Limited perfection"

“Limited perfection” the title of a very special life story and has kept me busy for a while.
Isn’t this the situation we find ourselves in? We create our own limitation and are essentially perfect.

So all we need to do is get sight of and get rid of our limitations so that perfection can express itself.

For myself, how do I know I am really perfect, what if there is really nothing good to be said about me at all? What if I am is a selfish scoundrel, deeply prejudiced by my own selfish concern? I am cautious of saying I am ultimately perfect (or the universe, or the One) per the positiva approach. I have to deal with my disorder, not what I believe I might be under that disorder. It could be totally wrong, it seems it would have to be when I speak from my reality of disorder.

I would say that in no practical sense am I perfect. I do think many of my limitations are self imposed, though. I don’t know that we can view and get rid of each one in our short lifespan. I enjoyed the post about fear and what K said his concern was on there, and asked us ourselves. Can there be a radical change in myself… that is what I want to know. If I want to know how I’m keeping myself from being perfect, I have a strong motive to be perfect and might ignore when I’m not. So, is this still the right direction or have I misstated something?

You never will know in the common sence, but according to several sources there seemes to be a knowing without knowledge. Our self imposed limitations are from our selves so get rit of them you think you need them or you don’t know you have them so be alert.

I’ve accepted I’m not perfect so my focus is on the I-energy not on the idea of being perfect.

Now we rely on the authorities that say all is one, you are the universe experiencing itself ect., what if they got it wrong? What if living as we are, I’m not perfect but a perfect travesty?

K has wonderful discussions warning against the positiva approach. Its a serious and important topic in my opinion.

I think this question is a very good one to pose to yourself, let in, and sit with: What if everything I think and believe is wrong? You might even include everything you feel and sense and know.

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Aren’t you going to fast?

What we have built ourselves we should also be able to tear down ourselves, right?

Furthermore, there is no argument about whole, holy, positive nor negative approach.

If what we have put together is not good, does not work then dismantle it!

And for $29.99 you can purchase my book, “How to Get Rid of Your Limitations”. Buy now!

So you were the one who marketed that book for your own gain. :rofl:

May I point out to you that this is not dissolution , but even more appropriation.

And you were the one who bought it?

Yes, Mr. Governor, sir.

But really yes I would agree, that is a vital part of going into this no? Where normally we get a quick taste, trust our shallow interpretation of it whole-heartedly and then question no further.

No, already the title gave away its wrong direction, one has to stay alert, right.

you have my good man, it is there in OP:

"We […] are essentially perfect.

So all we need to do is get sight of and get rid of our limitations so that perfection can express itself."

Thisis a positive approach, to say I am essentially perfect underneath it all. In this is involved identification with a higher self. In that identification I have a motive from the offset. From there I cannot investigate my disorder, who I am in reality. From anywhere else but where I am today I don’t believe I can investigate myself.

I am disorder and confusion. Years of life spent on materialism, mindless self indulgence, selfish chasing of pleasure. Heart wants this, body that, brain another.

K would ask why we live these “pigsty” lives. If we noticed how ugly and “unformed” our faces are.

So to say that is perfect, I do not believe this is so. Perhaps man can live a much different sort of life, but I do not believe it can be approached now except with who I am now. That person is not perfect, they are human.

Of course you are free to give meaning to what is written but that is precisely where it goes wrong.
It is often or mostly the very little subtle things we do that derails the whole thing.

For example, you add the word “WE” in a place that twists the meaning which was not given to it.

We are the accumulation of wrong doing and thinking and as such not perfect but at the same time that is all we have control over.

Think I will start a thread for it. (On second thought, there are enough threads here already!)

I did not add the We, its in your sentence. I almost didn’t do the […] since I thought it would be mentioned but I don’t see how this changes the meaning or negates my point:

Why say we have any relation to perfection? Theres a motive there I tried to point out.

Can we face that we are nothing? That is difficult. To say that I have perfect in me is uncomparably easier, but seems to lead men astray as best as I can tell.

Question : maybe some people are using the words “nothing” and “perfection” as synonyms?

Question : have you written a book titled “limited perfection” @WimOpdam ?

I don’t know if you know it but one atom out of orbid makes an atomic Bomb.

was the original sentence so YOU punt a WE before ‘are’!

I know we usually do that but what is usually within the teaching?

No, it was following a TV interview in which this title was mentioned about her biographical book.

It is about a now-respected young woman who was born out of two mental disabled parents who lost her grandfather - living next door to them - when she was eight years old and from then on took care of her parents, while society watched but did not intervene.
Only when her father developed cancer did a doctor intervene.

She spoke fondly of her parents and now has two healthy children of her own and teaches creative education with a special very subtle gift to tell either from behavior or from their creative products that the student is out of balance.

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I feel like you are not looking at the topic with me “essentially perfect” which is all I could have brought up. I wouldn’t say we are, in fact the statement maybe problematic for reasons I see you are uninterested in.

Is thats whats going on? I try to read these things a few times and think about it, I could have missed this. It still seems like a positive approach if theres a path of things to do.