"Limited perfection"

Why believe or disbelieve at all? What am I without belief? Am I not who/what I believe I am? Why don’t I question belief instead of defining myself by my beliefs?

Sorry - I was just sharing a thought that popped into my head - I’m as lost as the next guy regarding this thread.
I’ll just say that clarity of communication is not Wim’s main game (sorry Wim) - although some of his snappy one liners have been the most excellent zingers (though they might need rereading a few times) :grimacing:

A zinger always zings immediately…that’s what “snappy” means.

A figure of speech, trying to be nice. Its not so, we aren’t perfect.

Thank you for the compliment and no need to apologize for my lack of clear communication.

For me it is often hard work to articulate what I see as connections or similarities and that even in my native language.
It’s new for me too!

In conversations I succeed better than in written ones. ,

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What to do with this information?

Something lingers that apparently should not go unnoticed.

“Do we realize how often and how quickly we put our interpretation in the other person’s mind?”

Do we realize how often and how quickly we accuse others of making the mistake we ourselves are making?

Is there a realy any difference between those two statements?

Hey Wimji does your story have a situation when Wiman was chased by a rabid dog and a twister but hold his ground? :rofl:

I think it is some kind of perfection too.

You are free to think whatever you want and make meaning of it.

The question always remains how right is that thought process.

What you describe seems to me more like an imaginative projection but that may be based on an incorrect thought process.

A “right” thought process proves itself immediately, so it’s never a question.

Every wrong thought process perpetuates wrong thinking.

Okay, so ‘always’ was too much but at the same time a wrong thought proces could end in the thinking that is was right thinking.

A match made in heaven. They say matches are made in heaven. :rofl:

From hearsay, people lie a lot without realising that they are in fact lying.

Wimji, It appears lying is heavy in you heart-mind, like criminality is on Maheshji’s.

Lying is when people, like the ones i was mentioning in previous post (post is now deleted/moderated because it was educational for all parties concerned) , spout the words of others or the implicit meaning therein, without being honest that they aren’t the original author. Nor do they have the honesty, the integrity, or the gratitude to attribute what they are saying to the original authors. For example when someone parrots the words of K as if they are his/her own, say like you do, or when they present conclusive assertions, say like you do, when it is clear they don;t know what they are talking about. However, when someone prefaces something with a full disclosure that they are not the author, and a attribution such as "they say, you figure out the diffrence.

Now, figure out where you fall. Maybe the winman in your story deserves a rabid dog chasing him because he himself is one. You may include this plot twist.

Some people don’t know the difference between a joke and a lie.

This is undeniably neither a joke nor a lie.

But then what is it?

An attempt to stir someone’s ego?
An endless play on words?
The possible explanations and or meanings are inexhaustible so I’ll just ignore them!