K - my love

Today K was born.
He is to me the most profound man in existence.

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He would have been 128 years old today.

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Damn! I knew I should have bought more candles for the cake!


There will not be anyone like K in 200 years…

Is this statement by K encouraging or discouraging?
Also seems it to contradict the information that time does not matter.

Why thought needs to be encouraged and what happens when it is encouraged? More conflict…

Yes, can one be aware of the feeling that one has about
K ? There is no name for the feeling.

Yes there is, “reverence”.

The feeling could also be respect. Countless people, from all walks of life, have been through the consciousness that K talks about and from. But K was part of the theosophical machine to create a vehicle for the world teacher. He was a seasoned public speaker, well-trained by his predecessors, Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater. I respect what he went through his 20 years with the theosophists, all the initiations, and what not. I respect his dedication to the project and how he stuck with it until he died.

I don’t think that k lived according to any plan in advance. He negated all of the institutions. He even gave the lands that he got as a gift back to the owners.
One thing is for sure, K simply did what he loved to do which was giving awareness to his fellow humans.

No one can “give awareness” to anyone. What K did he did choicelessly.

Apparently, when the brain is free, it finds itself in a world full of enslaved, controlled, confused, conflicted, deluded brains, and does what it can to address the condition.

K gave me awareness, I don’t know about you…
Before I read k I was not aware that all religious organizations are based on money and have nothing to do with truth.

Awareness is now and only now. You were aware before you knew anything about Krishnamurti. All he has given you are his words, his thoughts, his attempts to awaken you to your conditioning.

K among many other things made us aware of our conditioning and the consequences of our nationalism which is wars and misery . Nationalism was considered a noble thing and still is considered a noble thing by unaware people.

Let’s move on without contradictory comments, can we possibly do that??

HI @crina

Your post has an intriguing title. Is there anything you will like to add to it that may explain your thoughts a little clearer to someone who maybe a bit stupid, like myself? Thank you.



I relate to K’s teachings very deeply, I love watching him inquiring as he speaks, I love his facial expressions, the sharpness of his words cutting my ignorance. K is to me the “almost perfect” human being.

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No we can’t do that in this site. .

yes @crina

often the deepest cuts are the cleanest :wink:

for some reason the k analogy of friends talking over together came to mind. if you feel like letting out some more of the love story or sweet nothings please don’t hesitate. i have found evening times with the sun setting is one of the best times to grab a cup o tea and listen to such

Crina, It would be best for you to not read any of his biographies, especially Mary Zimbalist’s (the woman K lived with the last 20 years of his life.) Your image of him would be tarnished.

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