K - my love

So far I read “Krishnamurti: A Biography by Pupul Jayakar and Scott H. Forbes, “Krishnamurti: Preparing to Leave”.

I have started reading the book “In the Presence of Krishnamurti: Mary’s Unfinished Book” - and stopped reading it - years ago, I forgot about it …
I’ll restart and see what happens. :grinning:

Pupul Jayakar was as besotted with K as you are.

Why not read Mary Zimbalist’s detailed accounts of her years with Krishnamurti? She also was besotted with K, but she recorded so much revealing detail that her infatuation was beside the point.

I’ll read this book
Is in my nightstand for years
I just don’t read books, in general

Neither does Trump, so you might want to start reading books.

I am the book. We are the book. I read them daily.

I can recommend the book I just finished. The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nayler.

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When I’m only interested in one author, I’m not learning… just confirming my bias, my conclusions.

Not clear - are referring to K ?

You said, “I am the book. We are the book. I read them daily.”

If I am the book, I am the author, and if this “book” is the only reading I do, I’m too self-absorbed to learn much, if anything.

The question is, do I know how to read the book?

Yes, that’s the question.

The book is all about the author. If, as I write the story of my life up to now, do I, the main character, come across as someone who makes few, if any, mistakes, is usually right about everything, is charming, intelligent, generous, selfless, etc., is I, the reader, aware of how dishonest and deluded the author is? Or is I, the author/writer, satisfied that he has told the truth?

I am the book.
I (re)write the book ever day, I read the book ever day. I am as close as possible to this book. It is not my book to be identified with it and get lost in it, it is humanity’s book. My book is not mine, per se.
I am awake enough to be aware of these dangers of getting infatuated or lost in the book of humanity, by calling it “mine”.
But if I see it is not mine there is no “being lost in it”.

I don’t get this “book” thing that K talked about. Books contain history. Are we talking about reading the history of ‘Danmcderm’? The “bundle” is now a book?

If you don’t know how to read the book then the book becomes useless. It is not a matter of knowledge. Knowledge prevents the ability to understand oneself.

What ‘book’ are you talking about?

So it would seem.

I’m not entirely sure what K meant about reading the book of one’s life, but I know I reflect often on events of my past, and every time I do, I see these events in the new light of updated content.

Especially when it comes to feelings of guilt.

I am not the book. The “I” with it’s motives has to come to an end for choiceless awareness to take place.

All I learn from guilt is that conscience is more about conditioning than comprehensive understanding.