Is there any virtual group?

I am new to this forum as I have just joined it. I am looking for help in case we have any group, virtual group where people connect, share, discuss, and learn K’s teaching and bring into practice. Thank you

Why not do all that here?

Well I can certainly use this forum for conversation? I am looking for support from any senior remember who has practiced K’s teaching and achieved success through real practice. I am asking this question as I read or listen and I love it, but I am unable to bring theory (what I hear or read) into practice of being an aware for myself. I need help and I am very serious and willing to commit. Thank you if anyone would like to be my mentor or guide to supports beyond another theory reply.

Well M, I’m sure you can find lots of people happy to “mentor” or “guide” you but that’s exactly what Krishnamurti cautioned against doing, didn’t he?

I agree so that is why I seek help. I seek help as I surrender myself in being unable to successfully transliterating K’s talk into practice and reality. Could you do that? Could anybody else do it? Is this merely theory that look good in listening? I seek responses from anyone who claims that s/he has successfully experienced/translated K’s talk into practice. I seek help. I am willing share my phone # and email. I am willing to pay if anyone needs to help me. Thank you

M…my suggestion is that you read his books, videos. It’s very fortunate, as I see it that you have been drawn to K.s message. But it’s not something that can be bought or sold. Maybe others have suggestions.

If someone claims that they have the answers you desire - or claims that they have understood K - is there a way to tell whether their claims are true? Maybe they are mistaken? Maybe they are dishonest? Maybe they want power over you? Is there a way to tell the difference?

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Could you practice it and experience that truth?

What are you going to practise?

If I keep focus on practice then it will be an idea/thought that will try to practice on another idea/thought. I understand that I will not succeed. I understand that I need to observe observer and use my awareness to focus on idea or thought or it’s origination. I am unable to progress and I am failed and disappointed.

Nobody has progressed. Apart from inventing language, and fire and the washing machine, No “I am” has progressed. We don’t even know what is “I am”.

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Yes of course and if you can ‘stay with’ those thoughts and feelings, there is the possibility of learning about the workings of the ‘self’. (the “I am”) What K. has called “self knowledge”. As was said psychological “progress” is a myth, an illusion.

I am glad that I am not alone.

I look for people or mentor or anyone who claim to be succeeded in translating K’s teaching to real experience. Please claim so that I have motivation to keep working and following K’s approach beyond my breaking point.

Yes It works! Now go and sin no more. :innocent:

What is your practise? What approach are you following?

My understanding of K’s approach is that the only essential practise is to see what is “I am”.
To understand what is self, and what is “I want”.

PS. If “I am” exists, it is alone. But there is no progress for the “I am”.
When people speak of progress, they really mean : security, comfort, power etc.

I do not think K talked about anything such sin etc…sin is religious dogma and there is no such thing as sin as per K. Please correct me if I missed anything.

well I am trying ‘I am’ and I am trying ‘awareness of observer’ I am trying to be aware and alert of my origin of my thoughts and change etc.
I does not work

Lets go slow :

1)What do you mean by trying “I am”? Do you mean holding the words in your head?

2)When you say “It does not work”, how do you judge success? I mean : what are you aiming for?

PS. I’m sure Dan is joking about sin - he just wants you to have faith in K’s teachings.

Well I want to reach at a level of awareness that has nothing but only awareness. I want see awareness acting as an observer with full control on my mind while being an alert. I want to see layer by layer creation, origin and life cycle of thoughts then I want this awareness to absorb all ideas, thoughts of mind to see, experience and be at a peace and oneness of that ultimate awareness. Could anyone else do it?