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Is there a non-ego I?

Is there a non-ego I?

Do I have a source that ‘transcends’ my ego?

Is there a non-egoic What-I-Really-Am?

(I’m aware that the question of a non-ego I is a loaded one in a Krishnamurti forum, but it continues to be relevant for me and, I hope, a few of you. For the record: I’m not pushing any interpretation.)

Hiii nobody,

Is there a non ego I ?

I am not clear with your question, can you please elaborate

Is there a self, an identity that is not a product of the ego, of thought?

I’d say undoubtedly and we can point at it with words like ‘being ‘, ‘awareness’, etc. We have trouble I think with the suggestion that we are “nothing “ (not a thing). The presence of a self image has made something out of nothing! And that seems to have caused all the havoc that we don’t seem able to stop. We’re a problem for nature but a bigger problem for ourselves. The poet said “there’s only room for one ‘I’ in my father’s house”… that rings true for ‘me’.

Hii nobody,

Why ego will occur in the self?

I think, it will happen because of fear. I see that survival is the basic Instinct for the organism.

Do you agree?

I think it’s subtle and complex … but I agree that fear plays an important role. Somehow the innocent identification of thoughts and sensory impressions with a particular body-mind, with me, evolves into an obsession with this thought-felt identity and a drive to protect it at all costs.

I am not clear with that, will you make it simple.

Fear play a role in finding security for the organism, may be there could be other aspects in EGO. I had some basic questions,

How the organism find security 10000 years ago, at the time in which there is no civilization?

Why people desire for power in present day society?

Why thought always have a tendency towards the organism?

I do not know the answer yet but I feel there should be some common denominator in those aspects.

@DanMcD and @Inquiry

Please share your views :slight_smile:

It seems that the “common denominator “ for all living things, for all of Creation, is Love, doesn’t it? That Love is in every thing and everything is of Love. The sperm and the egg in its myriad forms!

Creation then, is the manifest face of Love.

Hii Dan, thanks for reply.

If you are interested we can dig deeper

What is love?

I think, love is not the property of mind but it is state of mind.

@Nobody asked “Is there a non-ego I”, why love?

So the Beatles got it right? :slight_smile:

Even a stopped clock…

Now if the lyric had been “Love is all you are”, then right :innocent: didn’t they sing “Love is all you need”?

:orangutan: :owl: :orangutan:

So is love a good candidate for a non-ego I? Is love our real identity?

“Love is just a four-letter word”

Bob Dylan

I think in love, there is no room for self.

Please share your in sight.

I think there are many different types of love: selfless love, self love, romantic love, sexual love, love of beauty, love of truth. In selfless love there is, by definition, no room for self. But self can be present in many of the other kinds of love.

For some, selfless love is the highest, perhaps even the only true form of love. For me it is one specific type of love, not the highest or purest, just what it is: selfless. And like any kind of love, selfless love is a beautiful thing, well worth getting to know.

What do people here think about the assertion one often hears in nondual teachings: What I really am is consciousness. Not the content of my consciousness, but consciousness itself, the ‘space’ in which everything arises, including my image of who/what I am.

Its okay, we human beings have attachments on different aspects of life.

Thanks for sharing your view on Love

I’m always happy to share views. :slight_smile:

That’s closer to what i was trying to express with ‘Love’…the nameless ‘quality’ that brought the physical universe into existence and that all ‘beings’ are imbued with. Other words could serve: Consciousness, Goodness, Intelligence, etc