Is Love the ultimate Goal?

According to JD, Love can only “be” once all fears have vanished.
Fears now are everywhere and on so many levels.
Depending where we are at in our lives, they keep popping up or coming to us in disguise matters such as conditional events triggered by our personal or close relationships.
How do we recognise our fears?
What kind of courage does it take to quietly look within without any judgment?
Are we ready to take risks when we feel something?

Opening to responses, debate and discussions…

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Surely the ultimate sacrifice is necessary, non? Fear of dying stops all ending of the self - the self which is the basis for discrimination.

Too much courage is necessary. But that does seem like a lot. Maybe there is some other way, trance? drugs? mindfulness?

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Did K mean there is a step to vanquish fear before love can be?

“Krishnamurti: Most of us have had deep experiences, call them by what name you will; we have had experiences of great ecstasy, of great vision, of great love . The experience fills our being with its light, with its breath; but it is not abiding, it passes away, leaving its perfume.” Ojai 1945

Is love sustainable? Can one love unconditionally? What effect does love have on fear?

I think you have a point here.
Death (as we call it) if no more is a “passage” according to K and others like R Steiner;
Yet our life on earth is sacred and as we get older fear kicks into gear as much as we can debate
about Love and Fear.
Being the “ultimate goal” linking death and Love together, makes Real Love looks like an unattainable goal.

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Isn’t my all importance the negation of love?

Is Unconditional Love to be the only Love that bears true value?

How can love be a “goal” if it is beyond desire, fear, and all the feelings and thoughts that drive and direct the conditioned brain?

Why is the self interested in knowing what love is?

Is that so? And if so, why?

I have a serious problem here… You have said elsewhere that you don’t know what love is, and yet here you say “love is such and such”. May I ask for your help in understanding this apparent contradiction?

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So Love is freedom from the self.

Which means either the ending of self - or psychological death - which sounds pretty scary (fear).

Or that there could be the manifestation of fear (ie. fear may arise, I may feel afraid) but for some reason I do not allow my actions to be dictated by that fear. This sounds very tricky too.

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How could I say "love is such and such” if I don’t know what it is? I just repeated what K said about love.

How can the conditioned brain make a goal of what it can’t know anything about?

I’m very sorry to say this, but I read your post again and I don’t see anywhere that you said “K said that love is so and so”. On the contrary, you said “love is so and so” as if it was you who said it and not K. And I think we all agree that language is important in a dialogue, to understand each other.

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Anyway… Does this mean that we are to understand that everything you say is simply repeating K’s (or anyone else’s) words without anything of your own? :thinking:

This is what I said on the 19th:

Apart from the usual forms of love, do you know what K meant by his use of the word?

Somewhere K said that love is intelligence and compassion, both of which he said are beyond the brain. So, according to K, love is beyond the brain, and since I am confined and limited to the contents of consciousness of this brain, I don’t know what love is.

“Is love the ultimate goal?”
Yes, harmony is what every human wants. What prevents that harmony is thought with it’s thinker. The thinker is the ego the me, the bundle of dead memories, dead experiences. The ego interferes with everything that we do so creating disharmony …

The thinker and thought sustain each other. Thought creates a thinker separate from itself. Thought creates God and worships it…

That’s quite a bold assumption when we’re constantly reminded that there is no shortage of people who thrive on dissonance, disruption, destruction, etc., and despise harmony.

Most people on the earth don’t want dishormoney or war . Of course there are mentally ill people who are into sadism or masochism and wish war and destruction to all mankind…

The minority of humans who want disharmony or war can make life hell for the majority who don’t, not to mention all the other species threatened by that minority.

Thank goodness I never lived with evil…

Conceit may not be evil, but it’s not goodness.