Is Love the ultimate Goal?

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Is that an insult to evil…!?

One has to be aware of distractions which is very difficult…

What is love? Love cannot exist in division.
Friendship is sharing. In this there is no division.
Respect has no division. In love you will treat everyone with respect irrespective of money or power.
In family there is care, affection, support. This can happen only if there is no selfishness, no division.

Love cannot exist without caring, learning, listening, understanding.

Love is not on level of thought, it is not empty expression of words, it is something deeper. That deeper is without division. Love, affection comes from a caring mind. Caring mind does not think in terms of you or me. It is not a worrying mind, fearful mind, self absorbed or divisive ambitious mind.

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Why would love talk about love when its action says it all?

K said it would take 200 years untill a mind like his come about.

That may or may not be true…but what has that got to do with you ….and your mind?

K is part of me. And I am very grateful for that…