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Inner Voice

I don’t know if this is going to help anyone, but while people come to this k forum, there seems to be a complete disregard, almost an objection, to the fundamentals of the teachings;
Most people - the so-called spiritual people - have rejected the outer force of environment and its influence, but have developed an inner law, an inner standard, an inner discipline, which they call bringing the high self down to the low; that is in other words, merely substitution. So there is self-discipline. Then there is that which is called the inner voice, whose power and control is far greater even than the outward environment. But what is after all the difference between the one and the other, the outer and the inner? They are both controlling, perverting the mind which is intelligence, through this desire for self-perpetuation. And also you have what you call intuition, which is merely the unfettered fulfillment of your own secret hopes and desires. So you have filled the inner world, what you call the inner world, with all these - self-discipline, the inner voice, intuition. All, if you come to think of it, are subtle forms of that same conflict, carried into a different world in which there is no understanding, but merely a moulding, an adjusting to a more subtle, what you call a more spiritual, environment.

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There is pleasure in turning to inner and outer psychological authority. A feeling of rightness. Without this feeling, there is pain: doubt, fear, insecurity, lostness. We move towards pleasure and away from pain, every fiber of our being participates. And it works reasonably well, we’re reasonably happy and content. But ‘the other’ only seems to rise when the pleasure/pain addiction diminishes. Since the other does not feel pleasurable (or painful), there is little incentive to welcome it. We don’t know what ‘to do’ with it!

I too have wondered at the rejection of the teachings, and understand also that as the brain requires security, and have seen in meditation and outward in the world, the extent to which the brain will do any and everything to maintain the security of what it knows, of what is known. The fear of loss of that security is so visceral that it will continue to maintain what is comfortable - intellect - in spite of any reasoning and logic. The value of intellect is so highly praised and encouraged in our society that anyone suggesting that intellect can by itself and in itself be seen as a solution within itself is a very attractive and comforting staging ground for endless discussion.

What we now call education is a matter of accumulating information and knowledge from books, which anyone can do who can read. Such education offers a subtle form of escape from ourselves and, like all escapes, it inevitably creates increasing misery. Conflict and confusion result from our own wrong relationship with people, things and ideas, and until we understand that relationship and alter it, mere learning, the gathering of facts and the acquiring of various skills, can only lead us to engulfing chaos and destruction.

To understand there must be complete unity of mind and heart in action. :lemon: :four_leaf_clover:

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As per the opening posting, I may accept or reject anything, but then I turn to the inner voice and rationalize my actions, and my way of thinking, and it hasn’t been a rejection at all.

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We value intellect highly because it’s all we’ve got. Unless one has seen and realized its limitation, we can only imagine (thanks to the intellect) what Krishnamurti tried to communicate as of greater value.

hi Inquiry,

I understand what you are saying,

however, the Charley that no longer exists was an idealist, not an intellectual; and got by through my former ability and understanding of images. I’ve tried to form images, and nothing. The easel, paint brushes, oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoals, blank canvases, etc. all have taken a long rest, and seem to enjoy gathering dust. Interests related to idealism seem meaningless now. I must say that the treasures at the end of the road of meditation go way beyond the capacity to form images. I do watch videos from time to time, but am no longer the film buff that I was.

It seems people are sticking to their modus operandii. There is the insistence nothing is inherently amiss within themselves, whatever it is called, self, ego, mind, brain, psyche, and it is all a problem, with this and that, which they know about.

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Since you brought it up, tell us about these treasures.

That made me laugh (“gimme gimme gimme, I want to know”. You couldn’t resist, eh?). Still laughing.

Well, Inquiry,

when the rooms were cleared, when the house was gone, of course, there is this sense of what one’s life meant (one treasure), and there was only the ground left; so, did the last “I am that” with the ground (whatever is seen inside, that’s you, eh?), and this incredible feeling of peace moved up gently from the ground and flooded every inch of my being. Called peace of mind (another treasure). So, I also get when K said, “I am the ground”…(of humanity). So, that’s another treasure. The earth is my home, not one place in particular (another treasure). You know, if it weren’t for man/woman mucking about with nature, I sense that the earth is place of peace. Also, there was the feeling of psychological security - another treasure. Can’t do anymore “I am that’s” - because the “I” that I now use is strictly for social convenience. There is also the fact that now I can truly say, “I don’t mind…”, …whether anyone believes a darn thing I say, the fact that people on this site are going on and on with endless discussions, etc. - another treasure. K was right, the siddhis are trivial compared with the treasures. That’s all I feel like revealing. Lots of things to discover, right?

So, you having fun being an intellectual?

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I don’t know if this is correct. It does have me careful to reflect on my thinking, and to give pause to look at what is on my mind, and to see, not sticking to any definitions, if the implications of this may be what I am doing.

I should have resisted. I was just curious, but by calling my curiosity “gimme gimme”, you make it clear what gimcracks and gewgaws your treasures are. Isn’t it better to be empty than full of oneself?