I don't care about you

I don’t care about you or about any other living soul. I care only about myself.

Can you bear to hear these words from another human being? Can you hear the extreme cry of help in them?

Because I am also saying, ‘Please, for God’s sake, don’t care for me.’ You can’t care for me, just as I can’t care for you. So don’t pretend to do it. Don’t ever offer me this poison.

So, let’s just listen to what we are doing, saying, pretending to each other: ‘I care for you; I am happy for you; I love you,’ - it is all a pretence.

If you have one iota of humanity, you might just listen to me without trying to do anything at all about what I am saying. But if you suddenly start to care - which is to care for how you want the world to see you - then you will come into this with a deadly virus, far deadlier than anything else the body or science throws at us.

When I see that your care for me is pretend care, while in fact, you only care for you, then your pretend care for me is not poisoning me. It is poisoning you, only.
And yes, I hear the cry of the need to be loved. I hear it in me, and in you.

But, I also hear a cry that is love.

I am not talking about the difference between pretend care and true care. We do not care - full stop. Then everything is so simple. Otherwise, you will send yourself mad working out what is true or false caring.

A friend of mine once said to me, ‘I am afraid of disappointing you.’ And I said, ‘No, you’ll never disappoint me.’ He was telling me the truth; and I was lying to him. Do you see what I am saying? He brought something real into our relationship which I dismissed with a casual remark, based on the arrogant assumption that my kind of caring is enough to dissolve all fears. Instead of being honest with him, admitting within myself exactly the same kind of fear, I pushed away an uncomfortable fact with a totally manufactured and unknowable ideal.

But fortunately, we are putting it right. We are intelligent enough to spot the mistake. Probably we have made a few more mistakes along the way, but this is the big one around which so many smaller mistakes cluster.

So all we have to do is use each other intelligently. It has nothing whatsoever to do with care.

It is not a cry for help - it is a cry of help. See the difference. It is someone saying, ‘Please do not care for me. Don’t make that mistake.’ Listen to me, that’s all. Listen to me without caring.

You lied to your friend to buy time. Money buys time.

Lying can buy time by stalling, detaining, but money doesn’t come into it until the liar has to buy the believer’s complicity.

And that can lead to disappointment, the believer may not comply to the fullest expectations of the liar. Make the expectations clear at the beginning.

When a liar and a believer make an agreement, the only thing that’s clear is that where there’s no honesty, there’s no honor.

Why are you telling me what I already know? Are you trying to show me that you care? Are you trying to say that you would never do such a thing because you are such a lovely person or that you have understood the whole minefield of human relationships? What are you playing at, Ceklata? Have you read what I asked when I said, ‘Don’t care for me!’ I don’t care for you, not one jot. Why care for me or for this problem? Why get even one millimetre involved?

I’ve read everything you’ve written in this post., including everything in your three edits here. You’ve invited the public to view your situation. Sounds like emotional upheaval, and this forum is a place to organize your thoughts and emotions.I’m just watching.

But this isn’t my situation. We don’t care. We use one another. That’s all I am saying. I have given one personal example to show I am no different from you. I am not above all this. Therefore, what are we to do?

Listen to me without caring.”( you say above)

Yea, i think you are saying Iistening is caring. Listening doesn’t need an extra layer of “caring” coming from the “me”.

No, listening is not caring. There is no such thing as caring. It’s a hoax. That’s all I am saying. It is so simple, this. But the mind that wants to be seen as a caring mind won’t hear it. Therefore, our relationships with one another are mostly destructive. And then we pretend to care about the damage we have caused. It’s like the environmental issue: we put ourselves into a position where we can be seen to be caring about it.

Human consciousness is incapable of caring. That’s all I am saying. It isn’t fit for that purpose.

Your unconscious is an open book to the observer.

Are we less capable of caring than other social animals? Are we less caring than meerkats or Capybaras?

What do we mean by “care”? Are we meaning something in this messy, relative, subjective reality? Or something absolute, outside of experience?

Of course, if I say : “I am a good, caring person” - I am most probably confused. Does this mean that I can truthfully say “I don’t care”?

Paul sees that: “Human consciousness is incapable of caring.”

Now, my voice says:
So, in Human consciousness there is no caring at all. Even when I say “I care for my self”, that is not caring. By saying “I don’t care about you”, you are seeing the truth that there is not caring in the Human consciousness. If this statement “I don’t care about you” is really seen as true, in my relationships, then this is all that matters.

The self ‘cares’ about what it has attached itself to: its mate, it’s children, it’s pets, it’s house, it’s friends, it’s money, it’s status etc. this circle can expand and shrink. It cares for whatever affirms ‘me and mine’

Yea… so what the “I” calls caring is attachement

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Yes I’ve created a personal ‘world’ within the World. Isolation. Prison. And what I hear JK saying is ‘leave it alone’ , it’s an ‘eddy’ in a moving river of “caring”…just be aware of your ‘prison’…you can’t escape it because you are the prison…you can make it wider, bigger, grander but you can’t remove the ‘center’ because that is you. “Be attentive when you are inattentive “.

But there is no unconscious - it is an impossibility. There is only consciousness and whatever lies outside of it. I don’t know why people make such strange statements about each other, why they blame the unconscious for what is right in front of them. They all seem to think that the unconscious holds the keys to paradise. But our consciousness as it is right now is both the key and the lock.

Put it any way you wish, wrap it up as nicely as you want, use whatever words you can find. At the end of it as at the beginning I still don’t care about you.