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I am not an intelligent or smart guy in any way

I say what I say so don’t create an image of me…

You announce your self-image: “I am not an intelligent or smart guy in any way”, and that’s the end of the matter. Case closed. My image of myself is the true image because, if I don’t know who I am, whoever does has power over me.

I think we cannot control our image in other people’s heads, then why bother?

The older I get the less intelligent I become. I make too many mistakes. Me saying these things is part of my mistakes. Maybe krishnamurti said it right. “Inaction is total action.”.

Sometimes we go mad, I think it is part of life.

What makes one to be impatient ? Why are we so restless? Can we correct ourselves?

I feel that it is okay to be impatient sometimes, why to control the self inside us? Trying to be patient might again set a boundary inside our mind.

What about love?

There is no ‘correcting’ oneself, only an awareness of the impatience and restlessness.

Does awareness stops us from restlessness? Can you please elaborate on that.

Yes ,that is a valid question. Does awareness lead to happiness?

I would think so. My experience is, habits lose their grip in awareness and gradually dissolve.

I believe that I am aware of my madness and this awareness did not stopped the madness inside. If it has worked for you then it is fine.

The crucial point is being COMPLETELY aware of yourself from top to bottom, passively( meaning no effort to do anything to what’s happening, without expecting anything, just observing yourself). In which case transformation can be noticed.

Jiddu talked about it in one of his talk and that is the first time, I heard such a statement.

What does it mean to be completely aware of ourselves? At what point we can confine that we are completely aware of the self? How does it change the shape of our thought process?

Is there is any division happening inside while thinking that I am aware of myself? How to confine that my description is valid when I talk to myself?

I think that is impossible to live in a society driven by motives, as far as I see. If I would have living in a jungle or monastery, maybe it is possible.

What does it mean to be aware of something, anything? For example ,a tree. You know it is there you can perceive it, see it with no need to do anything, right?
Now what do you mean by yourself? Currently it is the body, right from top to bottom. So being aware of yourself means being aware of body from top to bottom with all its thoughts, feelings, motives etc. You will then see how attention starts wavering etc, again be aware of yourself once wavering stops.

If there is a motive bring that too in the field of awareness. It is not about being without
motive, desire etc but to be aware of them too.

It seems that you have done some meditation. Just asking, share us if you are interested :slight_smile:

Does this bring us out of conflicts completely? Why I am asking because we have to deal with many different kinds of people around us ( Some situations are not describable as life is very complicated), throwing some light on that might create some maturity in that aspect and it will help every one who are participating in this forum.

I am on similar lines of thought as you said but I have some doubts.

It seems that there is something like a separate entity inside us, while see all these things happening to ourselves. Is it a division from actually what it is? or it is the only natural way to look at it?

Indeed different situations, people bring in different reactions, thoughts, feelings etc in us. And depending on the conditioning not all that we aware of in us is pleasant, easy and soothing. Lot of dirt also is thrown up. It’s not at all easy but the challenge is to not lose our awareness in those difficult situations and fly off on a tangent.

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Most likely it’s a fragmented personality. But in awareness all these fragments eventually disappear.

Okay sir :slight_smile:

This conversation went nice.

Friends if there are any questions or doubts regarding this dialogue please do put some questions in this thread.

The older I get, the less confident I become because I’m more aware of my mistakes than my presumed intelligence.