Homo sapiens scorpiones?

We are the scorpion.

Even though we know that stinging the frog is going to get us both drowned, we just can’t help doing it.

It’s in our nature, the ancient survival-driven us-vs.-them animal brain.

We’re killers, push the right button and our stingers unfurl.


From the statement of “nobody”, I understood that it was all about negative thoughts inside the mind. Jiddu and some other scholars said humbleness and attention will make the mind more compassionate.
It worked for me most of the time but sometimes due to lack of attention things happen in my life. But humbleness will be worked for me and created a kind of positive environment sometimes.

Scorpiones are italian scorpions?

They aren’t aware that they are italian.

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Hi Sivaram.

It is also in human nature to be loving, compassionate, kind. We each contain multitudes. Or as a friend of mine used to say, we are the mess.

“Mind” is complicated (mess as you mentioned)I agree with that statement.

Do you agree that an order can take place inside?

Yes. Pretty much everyone has moments of order: clarity, balance, harmony. Seeing things as they are. But for most, these moments are relatively rare and fleeting. The mind prefers symbols/maps/stories over naked unadorned reality.

What do you think?

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I think there should be a way of living in order, but as you said it is not continious for me too.
“@ nobody” have a nice day.

You too Sivaram. :slight_smile:

Scorpiones is the name of the scorpion species.

I’m thinking of writing Carl Linnaeus and asking him to change the official species name for humans to Homo sapiens scorpiones.

It seems…another characteristic of these Homo sapiens scorpiones is their the practice of scratching backs. Especially the sly and the neurotic scorpions/ones. The kooks who put up fronts. The narcissistic ones that put themselves on a pedestal, as evidenced by their incessant talk about themselves. Everything is always about them, The universe revolves around them.

So these kooks, are always out to scratch the backs of those that scratch theirs. If the scratching stops for some reason or another, they will immediately sting.

Diabolica scorpiones strikes!

We are not a static thing that can be analyzed or define . We are constantly changing as the environment keeps changing. Our reactions are unpredictable. Humans are very complected and unknown.

I think I should be aware of what I think should be.

The world would dissolve
If it did not revolve around

The operation of the conditioned mind is static until/if it awakens to what it is doing.

Even the conditioning is unpredictable. Humans are unknown ,that is the problem…