After twenty years of dialogues and discussions with people from all over the world, I am leaving behind entirely the world of Krishnamurti and moving forward to another place which we are calling holistic dialogue.

In a dialogue, one is never lonely. It is an amazing fact. Therefore, the only uncovered puzzle in our lives is why we don’t take the jump into having dialogues and nothing else throughout the whole of our lives. Why do we bother to think at all about any of our past or future problems when everything can be resolved immediately in the present moment with any friend or stranger?

In a dialogue, one is never afraid, unless one brings into the room something from yesterday which is already rotten and stinking.

In a dialogue, one is tremendously alone, which has nothing to do with being lonely. Only in our absolute aloneness from everything and everyone else is there ever a sense of health and sanity and wholeness.

In a dialogue, one is constantly surprised. That which we imagined it to be is not that which it is.

So why am I leaving these dialogues and discussions here? Why am I stepping aside from running the Sunday and Wednesday groups?

Love. That’s all. I have found someone who loves me. And I now want to be by their side forever. Krishnamurti can never love me; he is a dead idea, I’m afraid.

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I’ve really enjoyed speaking with and being challenged by you over the years. Congratulations on realizing when your time to move on arrived and having the chutzpah to act on it! It’s got to be a little frightening stepping into the unknown and leaving the known behind. A kind of death, yes? But, as our Uncle Wallace tells us: Death is the mother of beauty. And what is beauty if not love? Visit from time to time and let us know how The Dimmock fares, ja? :slight_smile:

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Isn’t the more appropriate send off for Paul: nobody really cares what happens to him? :sunglasses:


Dimmock finally came clean and quit pretending to be K’s successor, quit jerking people around by speaking as authoritatively as K, admitted he’s as self-centered as the rest of us, and finally, that all he ever wanted was to feel loved.

I care what happens to him in so much as I hope he continues to feel loved because that feeling is what relieves us of his annoying, demoralizing presence.


Dear All - we do not know what trauma (psy, mental, neurological, physical, cultural etc) people are living with. It is difficult to judge others - and in any case, please avoid attacking the person if at all possible.


Someone has suggested that you (UnknowingoOpenness) are Paul Dimmock. If it’s true, it’s funny to know that someone who was so opposed to pseudonymns would use one himself. But whether it’s true or not, your feeling that the forum is “dead” says more about you than anyone else.

I think that’s hilarious. Since it’s not true, it doesn’t matter to me. But you’re welcome to imagine me as your little old feud pal Dimmock. It won’t bother me. The forum being dead isn’t my feeling, I see nothing but a few people posting. I just gather that it’s people like Inquiry who make people run away and not come here. Since you’re so lovely, that is

It’s just a job. No need to flatter me.

@Inquiry I don’t know about your history with “Paul Dimmock”, but from the few things Ive read from him he seemed insightful. Your demoralizing comment towards his goodbye post had disgusted me. But, for what it’s worth, I apologize because I overreacted. I know we aren’t buddy buddies, but I don’t like being mean. I don’t pride myself in adding to the pool of hatred in the world, it has enough of that as it is. Love me or hate me, or neither, I’m not here to attack you again.

Yes, he had his moments, but mostly he was just jerking people around with his manipulative rhetoric and drawing attention to himself rather than K’s teaching. If you thought he was insightful you should have spoken up.

I’m not here to attack you again.

Please don’t restrain yourself. You’re honest when attacking.

OK, have it your way. I’m pretty confused, that when I had mentioned seeing without ideas on a krishnamurti forum, that I was met with “but who can do that?” Especially by the most active poster. Hmm, Is the real message of K undervalued and ignored on this forum, is “inquiry” just a little guard dog for this sites corruption? I just wonder, why would there be so much blithering and blabbering about Krishnamurtis message when there’s an absence of importance and emphasis on the real truth of K, to empty one’s own consciousness. Please do enlighten me here.

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Your honesty is showing. Look, I believe you. You’re not serious about K, infact I’ve seen you and others suggesting against what K taught. I wonder if there are any high-ranking trolls in this forum looking out for each other.

Do you have to be told when someone is being facetious? Do you think being serious is being obtuse?

Do you think you’ve emptied your consciousness?

You’re asking me if I think ive emptied my consciousness as if that’s a valid question, as if emptying my consciousness is something fixed, or permanent. This is just one prime example of your lack of understanding in K, combined with stupendous arrogance. You shouldn’t be on this forum if you don’t get it

If you “get it” you don’t need to be on this forum…unless you’re here to teach us…like Paul Dimmock.

Need has nothing to do with it. I guess I was right, you don’t even have a clue.

Perhaps I should have used different wording. You shouldn’t be on this forum if you’re not interested in finding out, “inquiry”.

Apart from your passion for ad hominem, what brings you here?

If it is Paul Dimmock then he finally got one thing he wanted, before he left–more engagement with you, Inquiry. You refused to engage with him, remember?

How could I forget.

If this is his way of engaging with me, he’s either doing it by proxy, or doing a dumbed down version of himself.