I came for discussions about truth. Then got bombarded by anti-Krishnamurti replies on a K forum. But since its just trolling running this forum, my ad hominem should be fun for you. Is it DeNiro, James and Inquiry? Is that the trinity troll club? The best button you think you can push is to call me “Paul dimmock”? How uncreative. Come up with something new already

“Love. That’s all. I have found someone who loves me. And I now want to be by their side forever. Krishnamurti can never love me; he is a dead idea, I’m afraid.”
As long as i am breathing Jiddu krishnamurti will never be a dead idea for me. I love Jiddu krishnamurti. He was enlightened being and a holy man. His words saved lifes of those who suffering. Jiddu loved humanity and you too.


If words can be life-savers, they can kill, too, so be careful with them…

This level of ridiculing is something. Whatever the guy is or was, he is saying a goodbye, and you can’t find in you a smidge of generosity to allow him to leave with some dignity? Freaking…

In December 2022, Paul left this forum and joined those who loved him in an online holistic dialogue with Ayham Kader. He also has published at least 14 books of dialogues, containing anywhere from 55 to 6 dialogues each on various topics and one book with Ayham of their 12 meetings. These can be found on Amazon under his name: Paul Dimmock

Paul left with love, dignity and a wealth untold from this group.

Yet you were instigating, stirring the pot, ganging, inciting along with others, as seen above. But see that’s part of reptilian tendencies. We already spoken about it, haven’t we.

Rooster, you’re the one who brought Paul up three months later, and one week after the holistic dialogue group had a very sad discussion about not being informed that their recorded dialogue was going to be turned into a book.

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Must be a snag with knowledge.

Clearly, you are referring to someone else. I’ve had no conversation about reptiles or lizards.

Once again, you must be thinking of someone else. Haven’t got a clue what you’re referring to.

Just did a search for the word reptilian on Kinfonet to see who actually used that word in conversations here. Interesting…

It is interesting.

You see, we just had this exchange about your obsession with others. You don’t have to provide any more evidence of your ailings. We get it. I suggest you give it a rest and save your energy for productive work.
Edit: BTW, Please don’t edit posts after one has responded. Editing posts after one has replied is…you know…reptilian…well i will leave it at that.

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