I work with what I have
And if I believe I have been cheated or gifted
I express myself until it’s not about me
But about self-absorbtion

Until I know how self-absorbed I can be before I explode
I am as self-absorbed as I dare to be

I blow my bubble until it fits
And keep fit for as long as I can

You seem to be greatly influenced by lernaean hydra and the great and powerful oz. Who would have thought. Must be a great combination to stay fit i.e. under the radar.

I’d never heard of this character from Greek mythology, and “the great and powerful oz” was a fraud, so what’s your point?

Exactly, you got the point since you have highlighted the important part.Whether it the wizard of oz or the hydra at argolid, it’s same fraudster. I was asked to pass this message to you.

So it’s not what you think?

When you pass the message of another, shouldn’t you make it clear that you’re just the messenger?

I thought about flagging some of the declarations in this thread - but the level of weird just seemed way above my pay grade, sorry :disguised_face: :grimacing: :space_invader:

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Which ones?..

My thing is to flag nasty looking Ad hominems - apparently we get so carried away by our own righteousness and anger that we need to be reminded that attacking the person is a no no.

It isn’t always clear whether criticism is ad hominem or valid criticism. Not every rejoinder or reminder is an attack.

I see a clear difference between discussing or arguing concepts and describing the person.

The person describes itself by what it writes, so should the reader ignore what the written words say about the person?

Surely you mean : what I think x says about the person?

For example, does Pickone really know who Inquiry is?

Ok, let take the bait.
Now it seems that, according to some people, it is perfectly right to consciously indulge in manipulations that create confusion in our fellow human beings, moreover, to deny that such manipulations have taken place when it is pointed out what creates more confusion, it is also perfectly right. Obviously, this is done by someone but if you call that someone either hypocritical or whatever word or concept that may define the person who is defining himself by his words and behaviour, that no, that´s a sin and cannot be allowed, hey, you can traumatize the poor “actual human person”, to spoil his party so, let the confusion to expand, let normalize what is not normal but insane, let´s live all of us in confusion and let the sociopaths and narcissists to rule the world, or a blog or a “spiritual” group or whatever from where they preach and guide others pretending that they are the clean surface mirroring other´s dirtiness, that they know what they don´t which is the definition of “charlatan”, otherwise, you simply don´t fit, you lack of the necessary sophistication to harm your fellow human beings in the polite, subtle, civilized way of an essentially bad guy, of the “sensitiveness” to enjoy yourself with it, you are a self-righteous and the true hypocritical. This is also very convenient for the faint-hearted who just by saying “oh, I´m not the only idiot in here”, can justify themselves so, let´s do not spoil their party either.

World has become really dirty, hasn´t it?

My reaction is inevitable, but it’s always questionable, to be examined.

For example, does Pickone really know who Inquiry is?

Nobody knows “who” anyone is, including oneself, but every thing someone says (or writes) reveals something, whether it’s too subtle to articulate or too telling to mention.

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“Party”? Do tell…

Dear Anonimity, I hear your continued criticism. I acted in a way that aggrieved you (I apologise - sorry), and later when you accused me of being a bad person, I brought up the problem of ad hominems (which probably just made matters worse :grimacing:)

By calling myself an idiot (“I’m not the only idiot here”) I wasn’t meaning to justify myself - it was just a response to the fact that you wanted to leave the forum (due to something I said) when you had only just arrived - I meant that there were other people you could talk to - I wasn’t the only person here.

Is there anything we can do to change our relationship? What would help us move on from this perceived injustice? Would you like to discuss the matter or would you prefer me to ignore you?

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To be frank, I like having exchanges with you, I use to laugh with what you say because I don´t perceive bad intentions behind your words (no idea how this perception is given just by reading a few words on a screen) but I think that to justify certain and conscious shady and misleading behaviours is a bit dangerous, we are enough confuse already. I can understand your point of view that considering the “person” as a mere concept may lead to insensitive treatment but I don´t see this is happening in here as I´ve seen in other sites before, it´s a matter of balance, common sense, discernment and also, of sense of humor. We use to take ourselves very seriously.

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I admit that I sometimes have an ambivalent relationship with knowledge and certainty - if you ever feel that this is not helpful in any discussion, please feel free to say so and we can look at it together.

Also yes, people are very confused, that is why I don’t think it is always helpful to attack them as if they know what they are doing, or to get angry with them as if they are guilty of their confusion.

This “actual human person”, PD, knew perfectly what he was doing.

We are not guilty of our own confusion but when it is about consciously creating confusion in others, as it was in this case, that´s another matter. I stop here.

We are confusing practical thought with psychological thought because we don’t discern the difference between them. But if one can discern the difference and thereby end the confusion, isn’t one guilty of not observing more closely what one is doing?

In other words, if I don’t know what I’m doing, I can’t be held accountable to those who know what I’m doing, and do what they must to restrain and restrict me. But if I am accountable for what I do, though I don’t understand why I do it, I’m guilty of having too little self-knowledge, regardless of whether anyone else has much more.