Fear is the ultimate problem of humans

Krishnamurti , our great philosopher , has solved this problem of fear over and over . What prevent us to learn and therefore be free from fear.

The Amygdala. “Together, these findings indicate that the amygdala plays an extensive role in regulating the fear response in humans as well as animals.” (Amygdala Activity, Fear, and Anxiety: Modulation by Stress - PMC)

Your silly old amygdala?

Yes, those survival mechanisms in the brain are responsible for fear. When removed, fear and aggression are reduced. Meditation actually shrinks the amygdalae. How Meditation Changes the Brain | Mindworks - Mindfully Rewire

But fear is in relationship to someone or something.
And now days fear of fire and flooding . Physical explanation of fear doesn’t prevent fear. Surely fear or thought originates in the Brain.

Fear is not the problem… it is what follows our failure to realize the problem is desire.

We don’t see that desire is the problem because we enjoy desire; it is a pleasure, the opposite of fear. The only time desire is a problem is when it’s experienced as temptation, the conflict between what I want and what I believe is wrong to want.

Desire incites fear when I know I can’t stop wanting what I believe I should not want, and I’m like an automobile with no brakes, headed for a crash. If I could always nip desire in the bud, I would never fear the consequences of my behavior, and that is the worst kind of fear.

When temptation arises and whatever chemicals are triggered by the brain, thought saying “no!” only seems to increase the desire, any motive to stop, resist, etc is blown away by the images of the ‘forbidden’ pleasure. Is there any sure-fire way to “nip it in the bud”?
Legions of drug addicts, child molesters, thieves, rapists etc. would like to know!

“Freedom is the first and last step”.
For me the above is the key.

I would say this:
Freedom acts only in freedom.
Now, the brain is like a land of paths (desires, directions). In here, while the brain is “working” on a path, a 1st step occurs. The directional desire looses its direction. Something else acts in the brain now. Not the desire. Or, one could say, the desire is transformed. It is free of direction. Everything is seen in freedom, by freedom.

What precipitates this 1st step ?

This is the same as asking : what is more important than me? (that I might surrender without resistance)

And I suppose that before we could entertain the idea that my absence might be beneficial, some understanding of the mechanics of selfishness is needed - some revulsion against suffering.

I don’t get it … :upside_down_face:

So, you say that I can’t ask what is more important than me ? I think it is a super question !

We can ask the question - I’m just saying that in order to actually find something more important than me, I might need a clearer picture of what I am
(ie. the feeling that I am the central most important point in this universe might not be totally accurate - I might actually be the cause of suffering itself)

I am important, and I want to be more important than you, but then I fear I can’t, cause I know I am a bit stupid.
So let me find an important person like you to help me ? To live in your shadow a bit ? To imitate you a bit ? This is what I do…(?)

K would say be stupid, be important, be what you think you are.

What is then the question ?
Is it: let the I …be alone! Is the “I” ever …alone in the real sense? The “I” can’t be alone, it has to compare itself at all times…it wants to be seen but is always in a shadow ?

The ‘feeling’ is probably spot on . It’s consciousness itself, it has no ‘center’ that is thought’s mistake of attributing it to itself. That is confusion….and suffering.

Your “importance” doesn’t lie in being ‘smart’ or ‘stupid’ as I see it but in being “The World” as JK put it!

So when the I comes out of the shadow of comparison - is when the I expands into “I am the world “.

It depends on how compelling the desire is. On many occasions we don’t give in to a craving or an impulse.

There is no ‘I’, just the World?


  • and now I am stuck in the I cause I know I am not the world :nerd_face:

The ‘I’ is stuck in the ‘I’, ‘you’ haven’t discovered what you are. Not the ‘I’ which is a ‘thing’ invented by thinking.

The I which is so important is helpless, can’t be the world.