Experiments in dialogue

It’s a bit of a PITA but possible to do a longer meeting without a paid subscription, just issue a set of invitations, all about 40 minutes apart. The silver lining: Everyone gets a little breather in-between!

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Don’t stop asking that!..although he might not admit to ‘wanting’ anything except to set Man free.

I looked it up and yes, you are correct, I guess this would work. I am technologically handicapped, so not so good with Zoom. I am used to people sending me the link and i just click on it to join group when it is the time.

I dont know how to send out invitations, or do anything except click on link when sent to me, so someone more technologically efficient might want to do that part.

But yes, lets make this happen, at least one meeting, it will be fun, and an experiment in dialogue. We dont have to meet again unless we find it worthwhile, but since there is an interest, lets at least try and see if it can be different in a smaller group than the bigger groups.

You really don’t want to know.


Laughing, roaring LOLOLOL

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A step into the unknown perhaps. Why do you need to think in terms of going in a direction? Yes, of course one can learn from other people - isn’t that obvious? If you are closed to listening to and learning from other people, that is not a good sign. What do I want? Not to be lectured to.

Wise words. I can just about manage to set up a Zoom meeting. Can anyone who wants to come send me a message?

I have a pro account with zoom.