Would someone explain where daydreaming original from and why?

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Happy to! Bernie and I were In the cave banging rocks together one afternoon which was our favorite thing to do and he stopped and looked up “ wouldn’t it be great Marvin, he said, if we were in charge here? We’d have first bite of all the animals, and the girls…” Bernie I said, “you’re dreaming!”
That was the first time as I recall. :sunglasses:

I was in that cave too. I painted animal figures on the cave walls.

Hey don’t think we didn’t notice. You have a very nice smell!

Thats right, you were smelling my paint pigments, earthy or maybe the guano bat poop.
No one taught me to paint, it came to me naturally. And my art was pure beauty. Was I daydreaming ?

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What’s it called when you’re staring at the flames of a fire, with your brain just going “duh”? Is that a type of daydreaming?

Never knew you were in a rock group Dan. Did you play “Daydream Believer”?

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Daydreaming is a subset of thinking, isn’t it? We either think purposefully or not. Daydreaming is the latter. It appears to be a filler.

The question is why we need a filler, at all. Why do we seemingly have to think incessantly, sans gap? There doesn’t appear to be any choice in the matter.

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There is nothing like day dreaming. It is form of in attention, which comes into being when one is occupied psychologically( brain) with the past/ lingering in the past (or) past modifed and projected into future. In other way, it is a state of being not aware of the present.


Some times, one drives a car mechanically looking ahead lost in thoughts, without continuos awarness of surrounding sides for split second periods. The occupied mind does not pay attention to cohesive or attentive driving.

Can the mind be unoccupied? If it can, when, if ever, is the mind not occupied? Can the mind know it’s unoccupied when the mind is the occupant?

What do we mean by “my mind” or “your mind”? Isn’t it thought, the so-called thinker, I, me, mine, the mind? Do I have a mind or am I, thought, the mind?

Would be “fear” that make daydreaming?

Once fear is movement of knowledge (time) and thought (the past) which stop us for seeing the present and create the future?

If I understand fear would stop daydreaming?

Fear is the movement of the past trying to create the future.

Wanting to stop daydreaming is the known creating a better known.

What do you mean by Daydreaming? Can you give an example? describe it? Is it when we are imagining a story, like winning the lottery or remembering a lovely picnic?

For me ‘my mind’ means something like: the totality of my mental world, active (happening now) and latent (stored within memory). The active part is real. (Afaik!) But the latent part, I dunno, is stored but unretrieved memory real? Is anything that exists outside the present moment real?

Better question would be: Does anything exist outside the present moment? Is there even an “outside the present moment”?

What do you mean by the “present moment”? Is it just my idea of now? Or all of what is?

I guess I look at ‘the present moment’ as all of what-is from my first-person perspective.

Sounds solipsistique I know, but there it is!

Your present moment would be all of what is from your perspective, and so on.

Alternately maybe there is a single present moment and what I called my/your present moment is our organism’s way of experiencing the same moment. In which case the present moment would be what you said: all of what is.

Are you not the mind that describes itself as “the totality of my mental world”? Why does mentality create the illusion of someone separate, above and beyond itself as the master-mind? Do we create ourselves in God’s image because existence in isolation makes one the center of everything?

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I don’t know what I am. I know what I appear to be, the story of me.