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Art of living

K has given the meaning of the word art something totally different. He says that there is “art of seeing”, “art of listening”,“art of living”. To him the word “art” means "putting everything in it’s right place. ". So art according to K is action in the present.

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and the action is the looking, listening, carefully, clearly, not the action from thought, memory, belief, knowledge, etc.

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Thought can never discover truth.

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The art of living is freedom from the self - through awareness.
And thus meeting the world with love and clarity (or at least without desire and confusion)

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Hi Mac, I have some doubts on desire.

Is there a problem with desire? Is it possible to control desires? What it takes to realize the desires happening in our life? What happens when this realization takes place inside?

I do not know, what it takes for me to realize this art.

Desire is another word for suffering, it is another word for what we call our self. I want to be big, handsome, strong, intelligent, rich, healthy etc - this wanting is the purpose of identity. This wanting is my life - and this self centered living affects both me and the world.
Wanting to control desire, is just the confusion of one desire in conflict with another : I think desire is bad, and since I desire good things, I desire to not have desire.

When I want something, I am desire, all my actions reinforce me - for example, after dinner, I want a cigarette - the whole of my reality revolves around this desire and its outcome, and my perception of reality is forever conditioned by the desire - the next time I finish dinner, the smoker is reborn. (this is Karma at work - self-centered action results in the conditioning and rebirth of more suffering aka self)

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Hi, Mac,

Jiddu said that, thought interfering with perception is a desire. I feel that fulfilling some desires would slow us to achieve other desired outcomes in life, as you said there is a conflict in our own set of desires. I think, smoking a cigarette daily at regular intervals of time is a habit or maybe I am wrong.

Does the art of living talks anything about desires in a person’s life?

Jiddu mentioned
“Conflict at any level, at any depth, indicates immaturity”

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