Absolutely free of fear

Anyone is now free absolutely of fear. Answer me pls.

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What do we mean by fear? Let’s be clear about the meaning of this word. Are we talking about the fear of what may happen at some point in the future? Or are we talking about the fear that exists right now in our relationships with each other? Because these are two different fears, are they not? The fear of what may happen tomorrow is based on our memory of all the terrible things that have happened in the past, which is the psychological movement of time. Having been hurt yesterday, we don’t want to be hurt again in the future. But what about now at our first moment of meeting? Is there fear right now between us?


No, that’s false. Fear is fear, because everything is connected inside. If there are 2 different types of fear, the person will be clinically diagnosed as schizophrenic.

K was the instrument of change. He kept repeating that one could use his words that caused a reaction so as to see inside what was happening while he talked. In other words, he offered his words as a trigger - as a road to freedom. His words cannot hurt. What actually hurts is something that causes damage - lies, abuse, maintaining the conditioning, etc.


Even though we have never met, is there a fear of being hurt?
From the memory of having been hurt, even by unknown people?
And is there an effort to present oneself advantageously to a stranger and the fear that this will not succeed?

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Are there? This is not clear. You mention the fear (that I may be feeling now) of what may happen tomorrow - based on similar experiences from the past. And you mention the fear that I may be feeling now concerning our present relationship - isn’t this fear based on past experience too?

Maybe you mean 2 different types of fear as in the difference between a sudden fright and anxiety due to thought and imagination?

Is anyone absolutely free of fear? If by “absolutely free” we mean that fear never arises, this would be a confused goal. This would be a handicap. Not being able to feel certain emotions would be like lacking certain senses - like being deaf or blind.

Freedom from fear would be the freedom to fear without any guilt of being afraid, and the freedom to drop the fear when it is seen to be detrimental or unnecessary

When does the past experience come into it? We have never met. So are we already afraid of strangers? Or, is it possible to meet first and then work out what we are? Again, if we have already met a dozen times or a thousand times before, are we merely meeting a past memory of each other?

Galo asks about being absolutely free of fear. Is this a totally new question for all of us?

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That is not the right question. In order to investigate, we must inquire what is fear? And also find it out purely for ourself, not being concerned about what anyone else might have found or experienced.

If one is free from fear, it would imply that there is an experiencer who is in a state of no-fear, which includes fear. We are all frightened, afraid and terrified inside, absolutely and fundamentally. Are we able to stay with it, and see that it is who we are, not something that exists in us or outside us? When you are afraid, you do not desire to become free of it. Just as when you are in love, you do not destroy it by allocating it to only certain people.

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Not quite. I feel you are missing the question. Have we met before?

If K’s statement that conflict is a sign of immaturity, wouldn’t psychological fear also be?

My idea of me, and my idea of you, have met before.

So my ideas have met before, and most probably influenced each other. But this moment has never happened before.
Can my idea of this present moment, and this present moment itself, be anything other than conflict?

The collision of the past with the present. The movement of thought?

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Thought CAN be aware of what it is doing and what it has done…it created religions to allay the fear of dying and then saw how silly it was.

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:rofl: Very good! Was it the same geezer?

Fear addendum:

A revolution of the mind (from K) necessitates facing/confronting and seeing what is happening inside (the conditioning) that caused the fear, while the fear is being experienced. This would be the same for any reaction - whether, anger, hatred, fear, sadness, in other words, any reaction, etc. It is the seeing of this conditioning and hence the understanding of the conditioning (“what is”) which dissolves the conditioning and results in freedom. Because this is not an easy and comfortable thing to do - it may actually be painful - so, people generally try to avoid facing this conditioning by analyzing, endless discussions, making false conclusions, speculation, or even making theoretical conclusions (some of which seem/appear to be correct - but are only intellectual), etc.; however, it is this evasion, this avoidance which blocks the awareness from anyone from moving on, and moving beyond - moving. In a way, such evasion causes more damage later on, and a tendency to feel that (from what one has seen here on this site), to spend dozens of years without any change whatsoever, and then coming on this site and stating that. Like any appendage or ability, the lack of usage thereof will cause this natural ability/faculty to atrophy for lack of use, causing awareness of “what is” to fall into a deep sleep through neglect.


It is the fear that is painful

meditation is essential. freedom from fear is the result of freedom from fear. freedom from fear is the result of seeing and letting go of self

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No, it is seeing the conditioning, what actually happened in the past which may be painful.

No, most simply, it is only awareness of what is going on inside.

Yes, to seeing “what is”.

No, to “letting go of self”. It is the understanding of what was seen inside which causes that to disappear. One doesn’t have to do anything, there is no “letting go”. That’s self-help lingo btw… tsk…

Sounds like you are describing the emotions known as guilt or anger due to memory/judgement (I doubt that seeing alone is painful)


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So we don’t know what it means to meet. We have only the idea of it. In the same way, we have an idea of what fear is and another idea of what to do about it. But is there such a thing at all as fear? Then, we no longer get caught in any struggle of what to do about it, how to see it, how to end it and all the rest of the rigmarole.

Immaturity cannot know what immaturity is, and thereby knows, implicitly, that it itself is immature. Similarly, the immature mind cannot know what fear is apart from the feeling when it arises and is named, and when it is revived through memory. Nevertheless, the immature, fearful mind talks about immaturity and fear as if it knows whereof it speaks.

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Everyone has very few things to work with. There is observation, touch, thinking, feeling, sensations, right? At the outset, everyone thinks, feels, has physical sensations, that’s about it, right?
Now, so many on here only use thought, almost exclusively; and unfortunately, are largely out of touch with their feelings. So, first, it would be important to get in touch with all those feelings, which one has consciously or unconsciously locked up inside - so as to be aware of any reactions. Until then, the brain will only seem to function in an endless loop of thought. Socially, people are conditioned throughout their lives to control any of those feelings and emotions, so as to be liked.

Btw, guilt is a feeling, and anger is an emotion.

To repeat, the seeing is the doing.

Doubt all you want; until one allows oneself to experience a genuine reaction and see what originally caused such a reaction to exist within, you will never know.