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Hello and Welcome members of Jackie’s Saturday Dialogue Group.

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Hi Dev, I was looking forward to taking part in this dialogue, but unfortunately I have to babysit my grandchildren this Saturday, so is there going to be a recording of the dialogue that I can watch later, I will take part next Saturday, same thing on Wednesday dialogue, if I miss some of them can I join the next one? Thanks

Would anyone be kind enough to paraphrase the question - on naming - that we arrived at when we concluded our meeting last night?


Dear Paul, we ended with the questions:
What is the function of naming? What is its nature? How does it come about and why do we do it? Maybe we could also ask: Why is it so important to us? Why is it there at all?
best wishes

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Hi Paul, that’s a good idea to clarify the question we left on, for the whole group. Thanks.

The question was:

What is the nature & function of naming a response?

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Brilliant - I half had it. Thank you both.

Hello everyone. I had to leave the dialogue a bit early, so I’m glad to see the final questions here. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Sincere thanks to Jackie, Andrea and Dev for making this happen. I’d also like to know if there is any assigned reading for next week? Take care everyone. Have a wonderful week.

Hi Erik,
These are all great questions, thanks.
Hope to see you next time,

you will,
have a good start into the new week,

Good morning Jackie. I apologize, I will be late in joining the dialogue today. Are we using the same link as last week?



Hi Jackie,

I find something to communicate from our dialogue today about 'dialogues’

Because in a ‘dialogue’ - when there is a ‘question’ is posed - others may express their observation/answer/statement (whether it may be from thought or not) - and from that observation another question is raised - and another’s observation - and it goes on till there is no answer/statement is left for that question. Like first ‘Mr. X’ questions then ‘Mr.Y’s’ observation/statement and questioning Mr. Y’s observations - and this may help both Mr.Y, Mr. X and also others to see/listen to that questions and observations ‘clearly’.

Because - i see

  • other one feels ignored because they may/can express only as an observation and not as a question, or
  • questioning alone becomes personal, or
  • only raising ‘questions’ blocks others to ‘see’ ‘why/what makes’ one to raise that question.

and these becomes a barrier in a dialogue.

There may be time constraint to pose all observations and questions - but I feel only raising questions becomes a barrier and goes somewhere and moderating that becomes difficult.

I said these - as this may help improvise our dialogue.

Please ignore this if this doesn’t work out.


Good morning, Viswa,

If we all agree from the start to proceed just using questions, there is no problem, because the moment someone comes in with a statement, we can all moderate the group. Then a lot of the pressure gets taken off the facilitator, which is quite right. But we have to try it first before we can say whether it will work or not. I don’t think you were with us last Wednesday, when we proceeded in such a fashion. Therefore, try it first and see what you feel about it.

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Hi Paul - Yes.
But - if there is ‘only questions’ - and ‘no observations’ is communicated - the dialogue is dragged only by the ‘observations posted as questions’ - like yesterday,

First X - raises a question about insight and immediate communication - all others observe that questions and inquire within then,
Second Y - poses another question about being annoyed - all others observe and inquire within then,
Third Z - poses different question about self-importance and being aware of reactions - all others observe and inquire within,
Fourth A - poses different question about labeling/naming or about ‘are we looking’ - and it goes on,

In this way - we are getting deviated by posting many questions from each one’s ‘view’. (we think these questions may be related - but that ‘urge’ to ‘ask question’ stops one to observe)

But - if for the whole two hours - we stick to one question - like Jackie asked about ‘insight’ and ‘reactions’ - and communicate all our ‘observations/statement/answers/fact’ about ‘that question’ and raising questions from that observation - and not a different question, as because each one may feel that their own question is important to look and becomes a barrier to listen/observe.

This is what i meant.


No, yesterday was a mix of questions and statements. It was totally different from last Wednesday’s approach. In last Wednesday’s meeting, when observations were posed in the guise of questions, we were quick to spot them and so they fell away.

PS One of the things we started to get round to in the Wednesday meeting was to keep our questions connected, so that they led on naturally one to the next.

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