World Teacher Alerts Humanity to Danger of Psychological Knowledge Virus

World Teacher Alerts Humanity to Danger of Psychological Knowledge Virus…
Humanity, eager to help, offers up an endless supply of beliefs, opinions, and theories…

K: For centuries we have been spoon-fed by our teachers, by our authorities, by our books, our saints. We say, ‘Tell me all about it - what lies beyond the hills and the mountains and the earth?’ and we are satisfied with their descriptions, which means that we live on words and our life is shallow and empty. We are secondhand people. - Freedom From the Known

K: Do not repeat anything that you have not known directly by your understanding of yourself. - Public Talk 2 in Bangalore, 6 January 1974

K: Belief indicates a life that is based on make-believe, which has nothing to do with actuality. - The Krishnamurti Reader

**What can put an end to this dangerous spread of second-hand knowledge threatening the survival of humanity and other living species?

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Hair shirts and self-flagellation?

**Many have tried this, it’s not working…

Is this an honor system thing or do I have to show proof? If I say the thinker and thought are one and the same, do I have to add something else like “and I’m not saying that just because JK said it, I really do see it, I hope you believe me”.

**It doesn’t seem to be an honor system, the virus seems to have developed its own set of rules. The virus seems to have created an imaginary self-center that can’t be questioned without the threat of possible violence. verbal and physical.

That’s good to keep in mind then if that’s true. And I think it is. But why question someone else’s “imaginary self center” when our own is right in front of us all the time? You know that “take the log out of thine own eye”, etc,etc

**This seems to illustrate the deceptive nature of the virus, it creates ‘methods’ that “sound reasonable,” each “answer” being another psychological idea for ‘me’ to work on, which continually move away from simply observing the virus, in whatever way it manifests.

Okay no methods or evasions but isn’t calling ‘it ‘ a “virus” already a ‘directed’ awareness?

**Well, if the World Teacher would have said, Psychological Knowledge ‘Elephant’, where would the attention go? Doesn’t the word ‘virus’ provide a clue as to where this danger might be observed? This ‘psychological thought’ activity does appear to be an ‘infectious agent’ that spreads easily from one human to another, doesn’t it?

**Is there some sort of “problem” with awareness being ‘directed’ towards a potential danger?

For me the ‘diagnosis ‘ that psychological thought is technical thought that worked its way into the psyche where it ‘shouldn’t ‘ have gone , bringing along with it the concept of horizontal time, seems sufficient until some other discovery about it is made. Maturation is the correcting of this situation allowing a blossoming of the human being. A seeming rare occurrence at this point.
The only ‘treatment’ for the misplaced thought is a choice less observation of its activity to the point where it ‘may’ become aware of its misplacement , divisiveness, conflict, etc…and simply cease.

**I’m curious about this ‘choice less observation’, wondering what leads you to suggest this might be ‘treatment’? Partly because I just came back from a morning dialogue at the Krishnamurti Oak Grove School, where a particular ‘variant’ of the psychological knowledge virus has mutated into something called a “JK-variant.”
One fellow at the dialogue expressed some psychological knowledge as: “You have to learn to live with fear,” which seemed to be in direct contrast to Krishnamurti’s question, “Can you end fear completely?” It seems that the virus tends to completely reject information that conflicts with the psychological knowledge present in the infected person. What leads you to suggest that choice less observation might be a ‘treatment’ for this dangerous virus?

Since our knowledge that our knowledge is second-hand is second-hand knowledge, we need to find out what, if anything, we know first-hand, and remain with that for as long as we can to find out first-hand how second-hand we are.

**So if everything we know is knowledge of the past, that clearly won’t be any help with something we don’t know. How about observing what’s actually happening in relationship? Perhaps observing the movement of this psychological knowledge virus?

It is a non-treatment. There is no one administering it. All ‘treatments’ have as their motive no matter how subtle, to ‘change’ what is, which is psychological knowledge. It thrives on conflict, on the friction it creates by trying to get rid of itself. By the search. By employing ‘time’ to enhance itself. By the desire to ‘become’.

**Can you describe where the psychological knowledge “employ’s time?” Where did you observe this happening? Can you describe what occurred in the observation that employed time?

You mean observing our distorted view of what’s actually happening. Seeing our distortion is seeing the effect of our second-hand knowledge.

Is there such a thing as time? Isn’t there only ever, Now? Is there such a thing as ‘past’, or ‘future’? Thought itself is time. It can never be in the Now so it creates a reality that has a past, a present, and a future. It operates in this false reality of ‘times’. But the body, the brain, the senses, etc. are always only in the Now. Thought /self imagines a reality where there is a ‘future’ where it can complete itself. Competition. Striving to be, etc.

**I don’t know, whatever actually occurs? Is it “our” distortion? Does that imply some sort of “choice” to distort?

Sounds good in theory but can we actually do this?