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Why we are here?

All conclusions we draw will seem “realistic” to us but as soon as you draw a conclusion, you close a door on further exploration. You have an image of me and you will interact with that image.

Are you parroting K. Sean? (you see: I’m capable of humour too)
Can you not examine the words you have written and see for yourself, without sheltering behind someone’s else words, what they convey? I offered you the possibility to explain your words and behaviour, but you never did it. I asked a series of questions to which you never replied, the main one being: why are you here?

So again, I advise you to read or reread that post about a dialogue. There are so many things one can learn.

You do seem to have a lot of advice Voyager. I’m sorry but I am a little bored of this. Good luck with finding out why you are here.

It was just time. Good luck to you too.

So do we possess what we need? Let’s find out.

Good advice, and you have my sympathy. I wonder if your assailant has been cautioned.

You said you were bored of this, I thought it was your last word, but I see now thanks to Inquiri, that you have come back, to add petrol to fire, contradicting your same statement above. And - mind- you have not posted a new reply but edited this one, so that I could not know of it, eh? Another form of honesty of which you can be proud.

Please notice that:

  1. I never insulted anyone. I only asked to you meaninful questions to which you never replied, and that can only mean that you were short of arguments. So again instead of answering you have turned to assert false accusations.

  2. I remind you dear Sean, that you bothered to attack me first without any valid motive in your first post. And that shows that you have a guilty conscience but don’t have the courage or the capacity to face the things you resented in my post drectly and manly.

I don’t know you Sean, but you have done your best to let me know who you are.