Why people are so cruel

Cruel to each other. Why there can’t be love and understanding?

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Why can’t we be honest enough to see what we actually are instead of pretending to know what we should be?

What? I can’t understant. Sorry

hello Helen88
are we dominated by thought ? are we thinking a lot
so are we what thought ist .
thought is seperated from mitgefühl .
thought is interested only in his own matter
is that cruelty

is thought asking and searching for answers
to its selfmade problems it will produce a mirrorlabyrint
made out of thoughts and turn this mill lifelong
searching to repair itself

see you that whith your inner eye ?
ore is it completley different
lieber Gruss Hermann

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Normally we divide self as good and bad. But that hasn’t helped. Religion or Society has invented good. Thought talks about peace but is caught in war. Peace is idea and it is ignored in times of war. Thought can justify absolutely cruel things in war. So thought dividing itself as good and bad has not helped.
In K groups they also divide good and bad thought. They call it as practical useful thought and psychological thought. But I feel all thought is psychological. In times of war absolutely cruel things are justified as being practical, useful.
I feel there is no good thought and bad thought, practical useful thought and psychological thought. There is only thought and absence of thought. All thought seems to be psychological. When thought is absent, the silence can use information and act. It might be what K meant by silent awareness, choiceless awareness. It might be thoughtless awareness which is a silence without me that uses information. It is absence of self.

This is only a proposition I am proposing. I am not claiming anything. In my inquiry I have come to this point. May be it is absolutely wrong but it is a proposition.

In all the discussions I have had also at Krishnamurti study centres in India and some online, they always divide thought as useful thought and psychological thought. To me it seems this division does not bring any change. There can either be thought or absence of thought which is silent perception.

I hope this is not controversial. I am not claiming anything, but only as a proposal, because I have seen that if thought is questioned there is an aggressive reaction, just like if someone’s belief or identity is questioned it might give rise to an aggressive reaction. Anyway I am not that active here so can’t be part of a longer discussion. It is just a proposition.

Interesting. Is the sense of self embedded in the nature of thinking?

In normal thinking (dualistic), the thinker seems-feels separated from the thought. The subject thinks about the object. The subject is the self, and whenever the self is present, the psyche is present.

But it may be possible for the thinker to be the thought (non-dualistic), without a felt sense of division, the self absent from the mix. That may happen when a person is in flow?

We live on words, this is psyche.
Our relationships are based on thought, words.
Me, my family, my country, my religion are all based on words.
We don’t look directly, directly without interference of words.
We don’t look at our family, brother, sister without words.
All seems to be a play of words and we live in that.
Now it is getting worse, because we are away from nature which is wordless but live in virtual internet media world based on words.
If mind lives on words, peace of mind is not there, sense of silence is lost.
So how to live my life not based on words.
I am not interested in words but my family members live on words, colleagues live on words. But I am not interested in words.
So in a sense I don’t base my relationship on words but direct connection. But they are caught in words, they worry because of words. Fear, greed are all in stream of words which is thought. They are caught in worry, greed and psychological security based on words.
They are unhappy because of their mental talk of words.
I see life is not words. Life is a silence. I reject the word. So all these words which are shown on TV, news, spoken by politicians, preachers (preachers are just marketing their words), family gossip, office gossip.
All these words I reject, I see it is a useless way of living. If I see word is illusion, then in that there is silence.
As long as we live on words, we are living in psyche and these words are trigger us. The word and me are same. All of that is self. self is nothing but words. Either there is living in self, in stream of consciousness, in stream of words or there is silence. Rejection of word is stepping out of stream of word, stream of self, stream of consciousness. That stepping out might be silence.

Too many words.

“Brevity is the soul of wit”