Why none of us think like Krishnamurti at all?

What is essential wrong with our generation?

I think that you and I are from different generations. Each generation has benefited from advanced technology that has in many ways improved their lives. But in other ways, the technology has atrophied their functional behavior and thinking. We don’t usually think like Krishnamurti, unless we’ve been exposed to his teachings or have successfully learned to change our minds. How to Change Your Mind | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

But the way Krishnamurti thinks is as scientific as it gets. In fact our way of thinking is retarded. Let’s admit it, we don’t know how to think. We know what to think which is easy. But how to think and proceed in thinking like Krishnamurti does needs a lot of direct experience and intelligence.

What we do is merely refer to our memories and respond to each other in here which is not thinking . True thinking implies clear observation. Which means no observer contaminating the observation.

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So you say, but if you spoke from clarity and uncontaminated observation, you wouldn’t need to say it.