Why did k said that we need to be humble

I am not humble as fare as I know…

I was brought up in a very competitive society without me knowing it…

How did you manage that?

Isn’t this a statement that came about because competition is now in a bad light?

Competition is in a “good” light when you’re stimulated by the spectacle of opponents trying to defeat each other.

This is clearly your attitude on this forum.

No inquiry at all our pseudonym suggests

You said, “competition is now in a bad light”.

Forgive me for inquiring, but when did competition go from being in a good light to being now, in a bad light? Who or what casts this light?

In identification we are incapable of being humble

In identification we are incapable of being humble
Krishnamurti Foundation Trust
Extract from the first public talk at Brockwood.

Be humble to find out about goodness | J. Krishnamurti

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Yes in the video K answers my question :+1:
He says that we are vain and arrogant because of dependence on our knowledge .