When there is curiosity

Right Action and the Self 4th Saturday Dialogue

Now when there is curiosity …

Saturday, 10/28/23

3:30 pm ET (US)

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For your consideration:

Now, when there is curiosity, there is energy, isn’t there? I am really excited about it, I’m not casual about it, I am not indifferent, I am really curious to find out. And that curiosity gives me an impetus, drive to find out. J. Krishnamurti, Public Discussion 2 Brockwood Park, England - 11 September 1969

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Dialogue is an inquiry. Ideally, dialogue begins with “I don’t know.” And continues to move into the unknown where the subject gradually reveals itself. The movement is in the back and forth of questioning, not in an attempt to grasp an answer, but to reveal and sweep away that which is not true. A slow pace, a deep and respectful listening to ones’s own thoughts and reactions, as well as to the person speaking, may put our questions and opinions in a new light. In this new light we may perceive more clearly. Silver Spring Dialogue Group Statement on Dialogue.

Jay Fisher