What (Ultimately) Matters?

What (ultimately) matters?

You do Rick! Glad to see you’re still wrigglin’!

other notable answers that seem reasonable : 1) everything & 2) nothing

I think-feel, therefore I wriggle? (Who is the I that matters?)

Is “everything matters” essentially the same as “nothing matters” ?

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Hi Rick
What ‘seems’ to matter for us humans is our need to believe in something, especially about what we’re doing here and what happens to us after we die…we take somebody else’s ideas rather than face the fact that we don’t know and that nobody else does. All that seems to ‘matter’ because those beliefs / authorities, impact our relation with Nature and with each other.

My current ‘belief’ is that we should enter that ‘house of death’ as ‘empty handed’ as possible because the shock of dying / death will blow any cockamamie idea I’ve been entertaining to smithereens and that is not the moment you want to ‘be at a loss’!

PS Just read your additional, sorry if my post seems off the wall.

“What matters?” is a question asked by thought, resides in subject/object land? Or is it baked into the whole, nature?

What seems to matter for every living thing is to survive and to thrive. Is that the force or energy called Love?

Love is grounded in felt connection, yes? (No?) Does surviving/thriving involve connection?

Sorry not understanding.

There is the mysterious perfection of the void, and there is the clamoring crowd that claims to exist there - the best dancers exist in the space between the 2.

Hopefully that clears things up for everyone.

You talk real funny…you must be one of those communists.


You said what matters seems to be surviving/thriving and asked whether that is love. I said love seems to be grounded in felt connection, then did the grand leap of (Rick-)logic:

  1. If surviving/thriving = love,
  2. and if love = connection,
  3. then surviving/thriving = connection. (?)

If spiritual seekers were dancers, I’d have two left feet.

Hmm, thinking, I’m not familiar with the term ‘clear.’

Does the present moment ‘matter’ ?

Present moment love matters. What brings about love doesn’t matter. Patriotic Kenny loves Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. That love matters.

Does present moment hate matter? Rage? Joy? Epiphany? Contemplation? In what way?

These are strange questions Rick. Are you trying to get at something? What would that be…if you can express it. If I may ask.

I asked whether the present moment matters. DeNiro said present moment love matters. I asked whether present moment hate, rage, joy, and so on also matter. Is the content/state of the present moment what matters, or the present moment itself?

Well we don’t know the answer to that. How could we? We might ‘know’ what ‘matter’ is, but how could we know what ‘matters’? You want opinions? What seems to matter here is birth, growth, reproduction, maturation and decline; that cycle.

The present moment matters because it is all there is, regardless of how one reacts or responds to it.


Does ‘all there is’ ultimately matter?