What prevents humanity from looking inside?

Outwardly humans have done the impossible with the intelligence that they have inherited from the previous generations.
But inwardly humans haven’t learn as they did in the outer expression of life. Why is that so?


Maybe it is the value the we give to the outer that makes us forget about the inner.

The inner gives value to the outer? Where is the separation between the 2?

What we do is not rational. Our education creates specialists or robots with no skill in life .
Our education is not concerned with the human mind. It is a great tragedy that one cannot do anything about the present education.

Are you saying that there is no inner and outer?

“What prevents humanity from looking inside?”

There is nothing to gain only to loose !

I suppose so - in that the outer and the inner are both projections of the inner.
Though sometimes the inner is out there : my children, my dreams, my beliefs
And sometimes the outer is in here : the air, food, bacteria, beliefs

" The outer is the structure of society, the religious sanctions, all that is invented or put together by thought – the Christ, the Buddha, all that."
from Dialogue 10 with Allan W. Anderson in San Diego, California, 22 February 1974

We generally think that thought comes from within or the inner. But K says otherwise.
If we proceed by the definitions that K provides to the words then we can proceed.
The outer is clear.
What is the inner ? There in the inner we have not much knowledge of. Why?

What you or K are defining as the outer is not clear to me ~ what do you @Examiner think the main difference between the outer and the inner is? Please lay out the simple basics for me. I presume we are not talking about spatial differences ie the spaces delimited by the skin surrounding our bodies.

As far as I know the inner is what ever is inside the skin. The brain,the heart . emotions,love if any, desire and so on . The outer is the economy , the society that one lives in ,the environment, religion and so on. The outer is the expression of the inner for example war is the outcome of the inner conflict and contradiction.

Thank you for keeping it simple.
So we (humanity) do know a lot about the inner and the outer.
But the most important thing to realise is that my ideas about the inner and the outer are created by me, and are false (though maybe sometimes useful).
I am in a relationship with reality (my experience of myself and the world) that is a conditioned, controlled hallucination produced by my brain. And unfortunately, I think that these hallucinations are real. I think that I am experiencing the truth : that stuff like inner and outer actually exist, rather than being my mental fabrications. I believe that walls, pillows, love and grass are actually as in my imagination.
My brain is trying to keep me alive by constantly providing me with its best guesses about myself and my environment, and we should be thankful for this miracle - but we should realise that I am only in relation with the inner (which arises from the whole)

My problem is the inner. The outer is obviously always ‘is’ in constant conflict.

I see this tendency to occupy oneself and being simply afraid to stop it and be in the moment and perceive the outside and the inside.

If the mind is occupied because it is afraid to be silent, in the moment, completely attentive, this fear rules because it is unconscious. Can the mind relax to where it can feel this fear and its terrifying power? Is the mind too frightened to look at its captor?

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Look at this with the possibility that there is no ‘you’.

There is content, and it is personified.

It is said that people often follow like sheep, but I have never considered the possibility that there is no ewe.

Yes it is…,

:grinning: In a way every living thing is a ‘me’. What is it about human ‘me-ness’ that creates such disorder?

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But it had to be ewe.

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