What is the right action according to K in the present world crisis?

Right action means proper action according to K…

We must first understand that there exist nothing like right or nothing like wrong for one’s mind.

By “one’s mind” do you mean one’s values, beliefs, likes, dislikes, desires, fears, ambition, morality, etc., what Krishnamurti called “the content of consciousness”?

K is not the only philosopher who spoke about right action. Doing the right thing all the time is actually the action of intelligence and wisdom.

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Yes content of one’s consciousness

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Right and wrong is just what the mind thinks, as one views life differently to another. Which is why what is right for one can be wrong for another s person mind.

But when you realise it’s all part of the mind thinking, and views or perception of right and wrong you are really free from limiting one self.

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Is that so or it is actually the opposite?