What is the point of chatting back and forth with bunch of old Brains?

We have bunch of regulars who chat for entertainment . Is this what K wanted us to do? Of course not.

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The ‘chat’ is what we are. And what we are is what I am. The observer is the observed.

I too have observed this. Slaves of words caught under the fascination of the conceptual thinking. Wonder is this fascination has something to do with the “wrong turn” K spoke of. But this is just part of it, there is also what we meet “out there”. Can´t remember the talk or dialogue but I can recall K saying somewhere that people going into this enquiry or investigation are very bold people because we are simple, ordinary people going against renowned scientists, psychologists and the whole cosmic stream of thought in general. This is what it is. A real challenge.

Say I miraculously realize that I have an old Brain that most of the day is occupied with the old . Old memories, old reactions old words ,old conclusions .
Does that realization act?

Action comes from the integrity between realization and the organs of action. Which means between the mind and the backbone. Both figuratively and physically.

Without a sturdy backbone no “realization” can act. To believe there is a realization which will miraculously starting acting and will free you from your deficiencies is a belief in woo. You’ve made your own K-woo.

So it seems, you will only be occupied with the “old”. You’re the old. And you will always be on the lookout for “someone to talk to” like a poster was mentioning on this thread . Of course only talk about the old as you lack any renewal. Since your life has now been reduced only to “talking”, it becomes very important to ensure its continuity. You can’t stop even if you wanted to. :slight_smile:

So what now? Well, a backbone seems essential.

So you have realized or merely agreeing with what was said that you are the old Brain and nothing else.
The question is that can you allow the truth to act or you choose to remain as an analyzer different than the analyzed?

My actions/behavior show my realizations, not only my talking.

See if your old brain can be anything other than incoherent “talk”. Talk that has no support in actions. Evidently a talk, that is in contradiction, to your actions.

The question is about the questioner. The questioner being nothing than the old washed out brain/persona. But seems you are better off directing your “questions” to old washed out responders/ responses, like the one to whom you were talking before me. Seek the old…and you’re in good company. :slight_smile:

All bone-heads would agree.


Could you say something that makes sense ? What on earth is K-woo?

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Is it a dissipation of time and ultimately our lives? Often I feel time spent on the internet is mere entanglement.