What is the origin of negative feelings like hate and revenge?

Why can’t we people live in love and understanding instead of antagonism ?

We give different words to the same thing. Hate, revenge, hurt, fear, desire are all one and same phenomenon. They are all in field of division of thought, ego. Cause and effect, both are same, it is thought


The problem would have been simple if all emotions were the same.
Take for example the root of hate which is jealousy. Is jealousy and fear the same?
Jealousy is a habit but fear is always new. Fear changes all the time but jealousy is always the same, which involves dwality and comparison , the me thing always against X or Y or Z thing…

So comparison and analogy is what gives thought domination.

And we humans know by now that we need democracy in this earth, not dictatorship by the fools and unawares…

I personally think that people today are much more clever and intelligent at their age…