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What is the cause for laugh?

Sometimes we laugh for different reasons. I observed in some of them there is “SELF”, behind those sensations.

Can we go through this?

please share your views.

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Laughter can be a way to cope with suffering, a way to lessen pain. This involves the self.


  1. “Laughter can be a way to cope with suffering”, yeah this is one kind of laughter. In this case the self is trying to escape the conflict happened inside, I guess.

  2. I observed people (Including me) laugh at others by judging others decisions, poverty, inability, struggle, economic status and other sort of things. In all these cases, the EGO is being satisfied inside if one look deeply.

  3. Laughter of the baby is completely different case, I think there is no self in those cases. I feel those babies cannot laugh with some reason inside their mind.

  4. We laugh, if someone imitates the people from different country and make some racial comments. We laugh sometimes by ourselves when we are caught up in the loop of thoughts. There could be many different reasons for a laugh to happen in this case.

  5. I think most of us do not have clarity on the exact reason for our laugh. I feel that if the mind starts understanding all these things, it will automatically not react without any control.

  6. I still do not know about this aspect with full clarity, but I recognize that there is a kind of thought fragmentation in this activity that may lead to a conflict at some point of our life.

Does laugh come from conflict?

Then you can also try to observe self where you have yet to see it. It seems to me that otherwise, one is separating self from everything else. Is there some part of one that is not self? If not, then laughter is always self. Did you ever see a ‘not-self’ laugh?

What is the cause for laugh?

Well this question made me laugh!

What comes to me is that laughter is release of energy. Whether it comes in a very conditioned social situation, or during an insight. In general, I find useful to approach emotions as e-motion or “energy in motion”. The energy can come from anywhere e.g. analytical mind, social conditioning, or seeing what is.

What prompted you to put this question forward, @sivaram?

I feel that love is not related to self, apart from that everything is self.

No, sir.

As you said, I see that there is a change in energy during the laugh.

I was not able to look at the fact which is making me to laugh, that is the reason I got this question.

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Maybe laughing is the fact :smiley:

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Yes, the whole process is a fact.