What is psychological thought?

K: You cannot live if you do not die psychologically every minute. - Freedom From the Known
K: Now, can one die every day to everything that one knows - except, of course, the technological knowledge, the direction where your home is, and so on; that is, to end, psychologically, every day, so that the mind remains fresh, young and innocent? That is death. - You Are the World

**So what sort of thought is K pointing to, and suggesting to die to it every day? Is it all of the theories we have about “what I or you should do?” Is it the beliefs that create resistance in relationship? What ‘I’ believe versus what you believe?

K: So, you see that ideals are really preventing action.
So, there can be right action and therefore radical, lasting transformation, only when the mind is free of ideas, not superficially, but fundamentally, and freedom from ideas can take place only through self-awareness and self-knowledge. - Social Responsibility

**Are ideals the same as what “I believe?” Why do we have ideals? When a fact is observed, why does thought form a belief ‘about’ the fact, and register this psychological opinion ‘as’ the fact?

K: Belief is a word, a thought, and this is not the thing, any more than your name is actually you. Belief like any other ideal is an escape from “what is”. - The Urgency of Change

**When we talk about what we, I or you, “should do,” is that an escape from what is?

DB: What do you mean by psychological knowledge? Knowledge about the mind, knowledge about myself?
K: Yes. Knowledge about myself, and living in that knowledge, and accumulating that knowledge. - The Ending of Time

**Why do we store all of these psychological beliefs of what should or shouldn’t be, in relation to a “me” or “others,” and endlessly debate each other over these psychological opinions? Is it that we think the belief, the interpretation, is the fact? Is the interpretation thought makes, the actual fact? What’s the risk in dying to psychological beliefs? We won’t react irrationally? We won’t create conflict? We won’t perpetuate the insanity? We might actually listen to each other?

The risk of losing our ability to frame, characterize, or distort what-is according to what we presume to know.

Right, there is no “risk”.

If there was no risk, you would have done it. But you haven’t done it because your identity is too much to lose before you realize your identity is conflict. On the one hand your identity is your curse and your misery, but on the other hand, it’s who you are, and you are too invested in it to divest.

You’ve just gone and spoilt Season 6 of “What is Something or Other”!

Thanks for directing me to the series. It’s kind of like this discussion group, isn’t it?

This is thought speaking, right? Can it see its cunningness? Giving reasons why a ‘you’ is “too invested in it to divest”. It wants to say that there is a ‘real’ risk.To who? There is no risk, only freedom from it. An ending of its ‘reign’. That will happen with physical death. Can it happen now? This moment?

The ‘risk’ to psychological thought / time is, that it will end. There is no risk, only its fear of not continuing. That, its continuation, is the real risk. With its beliefs and fears and greed and competitiveness, ambition, divisiveness, etc. Thought creates the fiction of a ‘you’ that must die to ‘it’…the ‘struggle’, but there’s only thought / time ,which as has been said, “must have a stop”.

If you’re honest, you don’t want freedom because there is no “you” apart from your conflict. You are the conflict, and its resolution is the end of you, so who/what is free?

The brain :brain:, that ‘you’ keep locked up in your little realm?

Alright, the brain is free of its conflict and you’re not there to marvel at the wonder of it all and jump for joy because you are what’s gone for good. Everybody but you will smile upon your freedom because you’re not there to remind them of your miserable captivity.

First let the brain :brain: be free of your tyranny and what will be will be. Could anything be worse than the narrow ‘box’ you’ve created?

Yes, many things, but right now, a narrow box is the worst thing you can imagine.

I don’t blame you. The sight of one’s own coffin is a sobering experience. We like to think we won’t see our coffin until we’re dead and floating above our funeral, but the truth is that we are just thought, imagination, doing what it can to make consciousness personal. Why? Because it’s my story, and without my story I don’t exist.

Nope. I’ll leave that to ‘you’.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The box I was using as a metaphor is the narrow limited space that ‘you’ occupy in the potentially infinite brain :brain: and that ‘you’ won’t relinquish.

You know more about the brain than I do. I’m just a part of the brain that is conflicted, and until this conflict is resolved, there’s nothing to do but observe it.

Right. Now is not a good time? Maybe next week?

You’re right, Daddy. I need to buckle down and pull myself up by my bootstraps and get crackin’, and…

Yes Daddy knows best.:sunglasses:

That assumption is the engine of our conflict. Because we believe we know what-should-be, we can’t face what-is with an open mind. We’re not free to perceive what-is because we believe we know more than we do. We are blinded by our belief, our conceit, our hubris.