What is Living?

“…the moment which we call death is a moment of the unknown; therefore, we are frightened, so we try to find a consolation, some kind of comfort; we want to know if there is life after death, and a dozen other things. Those are all irrelevant problems; they are problems for the lazy, for those who do not want to find out what death is while living. So, can you and I find out?”

excerpt from “As One Is”

We’ve heard it said that you can’t fear the unknown because it can’t be imagined, but the conditioned brain, which has little more than imagination to work with, can’t help trying to imagine what it cannot. This attempt brings it to the realization that death means no I, me, mine, anymore, which is literally unthinkable, beyond its ability to come to terms with. The prospect of being completely helpless and clueless is the conditioned brain’s worst nightmare.

Finding out what living is means being nothing but human, effectively dead to whatever that used to mean, and it isn’t something one can choose to do.