What is Krishnamurti's" thinking together"?

I am only interested in the teachings so if you want to divert the question please don’t because it gets nowhere as usual.

Two people thinking together is like two people walking together in nature, they see the same landscape, with care and attention. Both people share the same state of mind while looking at the same thing.

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Do you want someone to repeat what K said “thinking together” is, or do you want to know what others say about thinking together?

Before or while Examiner responds, I can respond how I personally responded:
I understood Examiner’s question as this: Kinfonet people, please respond to this question as if you and K are thinking together.

I don’t think it’s a matter of doing something “as if”. We’re either thinking together or not. This is not to say that we should or should not think together, but that when we are thinking together, something happens that doesn’t happen when one’s thoughts are one’s own. When two or more brains are perusing the same thing, more is revealed; more of the subject, and more of the particular brain’s way of expressing it.

We think together when we brainstorm, when we consider approaches to take or strategies to employ, and when we ponder questions that we can even explore for lack of sensitivity and self-knowledge.

Yes, of course Inquiry.
We are together or not, that’s right.

But you see, I can’t be sure I am together with you in this dialogue, and for this reason I say “as if”.

K asks this question “are we together in this ?” in almost all his public talks cause he, himself didn’t know if this togetherness was happening.
I also see this question of K “are we together in this ?” as an invitation or reminder to be alert …

I don’t know anybody who would want that! !
One doesn’t repeat K but one explains in his own words his understanding of the teachings. That is totally different than copying words from Krishnamurti.

K speaks about thinking together in the video.
Apparently we have been doing everything except thinking together.
Total attention | Krishnamurti - YouTube