What is it to be transformed?

Yes I agree. It has already “come about”. It is what we ‘think we are’. It comes about each moment.

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Shyness, social awkwardness, guilt, shame are a form of self-consciousness.

Sometimes self-consciousness is the opposite of self-consciousness.


I was only enquiring to understand.

Heard. Thank you @DanMcD

Quite :laughing:
It´s necessary a healthy ego to begin with.

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Sometimes a healthy ego is the opposite of a healthy ego :innocent:

(Are fearlessness and ego compatible?)

The idea is that ANY psychological ‘center’ is a corruption, no?

@DanMcD , I think that it is a corruption when the psychological center rules and conditions the functioning of the brain but not when it is seen as for what it is, a functional element of mind. Imagine someone asking “who is Jiddu Krishnamurti?” and all us raising our hands… for instance.

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Can’t it be understood that the name danmcd has been attached to this body /brain but that there is no actual psychological entity named danmcd? That supposed entity is just a collection of experiences of the past and if carried about as a reality in the brain, is a corruption, an “occupation” of the mind and blocking direct perception of each moment?
Metaphorically, this danmcd ‘center’ is like a stagnant eddy along the flowing river. It prevents the brain from moving with the flow of life?

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The name is just a label for the body, by being labeled that way, we understand that this body is mine and from mine, the I arises, then all the rest follows, a constant struggle to make this I bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger, and we have been doing it for millennia. Might this struggle be what is preventing brain from moving with the flow of life? It would seem that that´s its main occupation.

I also (like @Anonimity) felt the urge to question this statement - with the question: are any conclusions necessary?
The idea could also be that all things are corruptions.

I like the idea of freedom from, rather than conclusions about, the known.
But thanks for your further explanations regarding “corruption”

Yes for sure! K’s whole point was that this ‘collection’ danmcd is going to explode anyway when the brain dies, why not ‘die’ to it now while there’s still life? Then as you say the energy spent holding this fictional ego together is free to go elsewhere?

The radical idea is that the brain/mind doesn’t have to be occupied at all! That an “occupation” whatever it is, is a corruption, a disruption. Like a still pond. When disruption, challenge is ‘dropped’ into it, it responds in measure to the challenge’s intensity or importance and returns to the stillness?

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And from the stillness ? Back to movement? oui ou non?

Neither a slave to this nor that.

Right now the brain is a slave to thought. A tempest in a tea pot?

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Exactly. And what does it mean to die while there is still life but to go beyond what we know as life and death or to overcome them? But, and it is a big “but”, there can´t be nor even the slightest trace of selfishness. It´s neither dying because of my country, my ideas, my whatever nor because of my inability to face suffering or sorrow but because it is seen that I am interfering with the natural flow of life and creating a mess. I don´t think any of us can reach that clarity or selflessness, beyond mere intellectual understanding, without having “put our house in order” before which, in turn, establishes the foundations for the “other”, whatever it may be, we can´t know. Moreover, I´d say that putting our house in order implies “to be free from” a lot of stuff, not to be free, though. This part of the teachings uses to be overlooked by almost everybody, don´t know why.

Not “overlooked” more like steered away from!
Myself included. It means actually ‘doing’ something.

What does putting “our house in order” mean?

The problem is not that one maintains the appearance of respectability to survive in society, but that one is no less duped by it as others are supposed to be.

It’s a double-blind that backfires. I know I must appear acceptable to survive and appear exceptional to succeed, but if this is what I learn during childhood when the brain is too simple to understand the need for this duplicity, I grow up believing I must actually be this acceptable or exceptional person.

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Yes, and that means being acutely aware of all this stuff and what a burdensome, confounding mess it amounts to. Once I see my own “house” and realize what a hoarder I am…