What is evil?

Let’s analyze that ugly word “evil” . Is there evil in the first place ?

there is no such thing as absolute evil, but there is relative and temporary evil in a person. Satan, the Devil, is also relatively and temporarily evil.

Now what constitutes evil ? there are the lesser evils like hurting a person verbally or stealing something. then there are the medium evils like rape and stealing a very great deal of money or property. and last oif all there is greater evil in the form of killing or physically torturing someone. These are all well known and established evils.

Then there are other intangible evils: like for example, an evil perception, meaning a perception that is harmful. then, there are tendencies that are evil and that create evil in us and in the external world. the urge to do evil comes from an evil tendency or energy current (there are fine energy channels throughout our bodies. when all the energy in these channels are flowing correctly there is happiness. if some energy currents are blocked or flowing in the opposite direction, then there is negative feeling. if this problem persists, what we have is a habit at the energetic level. and this habit is precisely how negative tendencies manifest in us. That is also why energy work or body work is so important, and the reason for the popularity of Reiki. Reiki energy work reverses the wrong energy habits, thus creating harmony in the entire system.

Take Putin for example .He is responsible for killing and making so many people miserable. Is Putin evil or what he is doing is evil? And what makes him doing so much evil?